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Hi Guys

Im new to the forums so go easy on me! Iv tried my hand at overclocking properly for pretty much the first time (iv dabbled in the past but not really seriously) so I downloaded MSI afterburner and kombustor and a supplementary fan that hooks onto my PCI brackets to force cooler air down my GTX470 stock cooler (see pics)

What im after is a guide as to weather my temps are ok for my overclock compared to your experiences. So iv got the following running stable in games

700 Core, 1400 Shader, 1747 mem (3.49GHz)

Im running the stock fan profile.

* Running kombustor with this overclock im levelled out at 93*C stable after 30 mins solid,
* Running crysis benchmark loops at very high 1680X1050 continuosly for 30 mins im at 82*C stable

is this ok for that overclock or are the temps still to high, I have seen people getting 95*C on kombustor with stock frequencies. Id like to tweak further but would like to avoid £30-£50 aftermarket coolers as the supplementary fan im using cost only £10. Also i think it would work even better on a GTX 480 as those fans would blow air across the 480's exposed heatsink, just a thought.
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  1. 93c is fine since your GPU would never be at 100% for 30 mins. If you increased the fan speeds you could get a higher overclock. I got my 470 to 800/1600/1700 w/ 100% fan speed on 1.087v. Its runs great and max temps are 91c, but I also have a case with excellent airflow.
  2. A good airflow case would be my preferred next purchase as well rather than an aftermarket cooler, also I think I could knock 1-2*C off with some proper cable management in my existing case as that's something I have yet to do, it does look like bit of a rats nest in their :-(. your overclock sounds great, their the levels I want to be achieving but I know it will take time, patience and maybe a little more money.
  3. I would recommend the NZXT tempest EVO case, it has 3 intake fans and 3 exhasut. it does its job well.. although when i got it two weeks ago it was almost $50 cheaper... :(
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