Is there a such thing as a Case fan on/off switch

Is there a such thing as a Case fan on/off switch or maybe a fan controller that turns a fan all the way off because my extra led fans are nice but are too bright when trying to sleep if I want to keep my computer on. would using the inverter that comes with cold cathodes work with fans because those have of on switches built in.
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  1. you can definitely get fan speed controllers , but whether or not they would turn off the LED or not I dont know

    Zalmans FANMATE is a speed control only but there could be other that do what you want .

    Now a question: why would you want to leave your computer on using power when you are asleep anyway?
  2. The answer to your question is yes. The case mod vendors have a variety of switches that are easy to install, especially if you have an extra drive bay. Here's a link to 3 web pages with a variety of switches:

    I am also curious about leaving a computer on while you are asleep. What do you have the computer doing while you are asleep?
  3. Isn't it fairly obvious, most people who like to leave their computer on are the people who also have lots of torrents going as well.
  4. Yep.... hundreds of gigabytes of torrents total...
  5. Why not download content while at work or while in school?

    The main reason I asked was back in 1997 there was a high school student in Denver who used his home pc as a dedicated server. He couldn't watch over his pc 24/7. Bad things happened while he was on a date with his girlfriend.
  6. I think I made up my mind. I want to use rocker switches to power off my fan. I would also be able to turn of the extremely bright case light and even the side fan easily. when my computers on it idles around 38C with the freezer 64 and the max ive seen it at is 42C. I only plan to turn the fans and leds off at night when only utorrent is active, so its not consuming alot of power and heat.

    I just cannot figure out how to install rocker switches.. very complicated. what are some recommendations for switches and the required cables, and maybe a tutorial if anyone can find one...
    Thanks Alot...
  7. Or you can buy Enermax fans that have led on/off switch, Enermax Cluster and Enermax Everest .I will buy a few of them for the same reason . Also Cooler-Master have fans with led on/off but i would prefer the Enermax, they sould be more silent.
    It should be easier than installing rocker switches :D
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