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I was just given a Dell inspiron 2200 laptop from a friend of my wife which I want to give to my daughter, but when I boot it up it comes to a screen that says that the file hal.dll is missing from the windows/system32 folder. When i stuck in an XP disk I have and rebooted then tried to run repair it asks me for the administrator password, I waited two days to get the password and the password is wrong.

So now I'm not 100% sure how to proceed? I'm pretty sure that if it's missing the one dll fie it's probably missing more, so I'm thinking the best and probably only recourse for me is to reinstall xp from the disk I have? I'm just here seeing if there is soemthing else I might be able to try or if this is it and I should reinstall it?

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  1. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    I wish you would have actually "READ" my post., it says I'm stuck at the adminstrator password part of the recovery cnsole, I was given this laptop and when the original owner was asked for the password the one I was told is not correct or not the administrator password? Either way the people who gave me the laptop don't understand what I'm asking them for?

    So what do I do now? reinstall xp all over again?
  2. Bte if I can get past the admin password that video would more than likely solve my problem?
  3. Google Ophcrack!
  4. Tom's Hardware can't provide further help for bypassing passwords,it is against Forum Rules!
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