Is it a good upgrade?

I currently have a 3600+ (1.8 Ghz) AM2 Dual Core CPU. My friend wants to sell his 5400+ (2.8 Ghz) AM2 Dual Core CPU. Is there a chart that lists the performance differences between these two chips and is it worth going for it? He's letting it go quite cheap, but if it's not that big a performance increase, then I'm not going to bother with it.

I have 4gb DDR2 800 and a Geforce 8800 GT Graphics card.
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  1. You should see a healthy improvement from the upgrade.
  2. Tom's Hardware - Benchmark SiSoftware Sandra XI

    This has a load of things on it, but you can see a 50% fps improvement in supcom quake and UT
  3. Thanks Miles... Seems a very worthwhile upgrade then.
  4. Yeah, you are basically getting near 50% improvement simply by the faster clock rate of the new processor. You will see a nice improvement across the board in most everything you do. Well worth the upgrade especially if he is letting you have it on the cheap.
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