HD upgrade - now no POST

OK, so this sounds routine. I needed more space, got a 1TB drive from Newegg and dropped it in. Now there's no POST (no video, no beep). So I disconnect things one by one - same result.

I'm left with - PSU, CPU/Fan, onboard VGA (no external vid card) and 1 stick of memory - no hds, no dvd, nothing else.

Same result. When I switch it on the fan on the CPU spins up as does the external fan so it looks like power is good - when I connected the hard drives I could hear them spin up as well. If I remove the one last stick of memory I get continuous beeps which indicates to me that POST is being attempted but with just the bare minimum I'm getting nowhere.

I read somewhere that the CMOS might need clearing. I did remove the battery on the motherboard for a few minutes but that had no effect. I also tried booting with the battery - again - nothing. Could not find a diagram to help me figure out where the two solder points for shorting the CMOS might be.

But overall, I'm stumped, what started as a routine upgrade has turned into a bit of a nightmare...

Any suggestions at all to try???
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  1. Are you sure you're booting to the original hard drive - (the one with the operating system and boot manager installed) - instead of your new (storage) drive?
  2. Yeah I can go back through my steps but I'm fairly certain that I removed one bit at a time - starting with the new HD.

    But with no hd connected at all - and just the bare minimum (CPU,PSU,MEM), shouldn't I at least get the BIOS screen on my monitor?
  3. Yes it should. I can feel your pain Brhum, since i am going thru EXACTLY THE SAME issue right now. I just removed my GPU and the put it back. Now the system wont post. Not even with minimum of components. Only difference i noticed, i dont even get beep, when removing all RAM sticks :(

    I already RMAd this board once and this time i am certanilny not going thru that process again, so it better be no broken MB.
  4. If it's any help...

    My board does not seem to do a normal POST - no single beep - but it is working fine now.

    I've narrowed it down to two issues which I have workarounds for.

    1. Videocard - no post and no error beeps with the video card but using the onboard (VGA) is fine.

    2. KVM - when I took the KVM out of the equation the machine booted (no vid card). I think it somehow got "confused" and stopped transmitting the video information. Strange thing was I did in fact have a direct VGA to MONITOR connection but the KVM was still forcing a failed POST.

    Anyway, it's kinda working. The new HD is in place and two things are outstanding.

    1. Rectify the video card issue. I need to run dual DVI monitors so going back to single monitor/VGA is only temp.

    2. Since space is so cramped I went out and got a bigger case (not by much but the Antec 300 seemed pretty good and I do need lots of HD space) - so I intend on transferring everything over to the new case once I overcome (1).

    Good luck to you.

  5. Have you tried resetting the bios w/ the jumper?
  6. I'm guessing that reply is aimed at sheira, I can get into my machine and did in fact reset the bios to factory defaults before starting to make changes again. If anyone has any suggestion why he graphics card (inserted but not used) should completely halt the boot process then I'd be interested. The fan on the card is spinning so I'm assuming power is OK but that's about it.

    To repeat my current situation

    1. Using onboard VGA = everything fine.
    2. Inserted but not used graphics card (PCIe/Dual DVI) = no boot / fan on card spinning.

    Power has not changed since the last time this setup was working (500W PSU)
  7. Glad to hear you atleast narrowed down your problematic component.

    My situation is kinda weird. My internal speaker doesnt seem to work, I removed everything except CPU/Heatsink, graphic card and psu. You see, it doesnt beep even without RAMs.

    I think its most likely problem with MB.
  8. Some thoughts:
    First, you do not need a keyboard, monitor, mouse, or drives to complete a POST, successful or not.

    Second, I have been using a KVM switch (4 port Cybex SwitchView) for years. It has never interfered with POSTing and booting.

    Brhum, after you reset the BIOS, did you go back in and reenable external video? It's possible that your PSU could have picked that moment to die. If you have, or can borrow, a digital multimeter; you can check the outputs of the PSU from the back of the main power plug.

    Yellow wires should be 12 volts, red 5 volts, orange 3.3 volts, blue wire -12 volts, purple wire is the 5 volt standby. The gray wire is really important. It sends a control signal called something like "PowerOK" from the PSU to the motherboard. It should go from 0 volts to about 5 volts within a half second of pressing the case power switch. If you do not have this signal, your computer will not boot. The tolerances should be +/- 5%. If not, the PSU is bad.

    sheira, with nothing in the motherboard except the CPU and HSF, when you turn on your computer, you should get BIOS beeps indicating lack of memory. Generally, this is a continuous series of long, single beeps. Silence here indicates (in most likely order) a failure of the PSU, motherboard, or CPU. Or an installation error where something is shorting out the PSU.

    No boot problems:
  9. I've had a few issues with my KVM over the last year, from time to time it seems to get stuck in "no mans land" - particularly if you use the k/b shortcut to flip connections vs the switch on the device.

    Everything is working again - the video card is active. I'm not sure what it was that finally made it spring to life but

    1. In the BIOS there is a setting for dual monitor support. I don't recall having to change this before but it does default to disabled so I set it to enabled.

    2. I unseated the video card maybe two or three times, hoping it was just a bad connection.

    So now, everything is back to normal - the dual dvi connections are working, the kvm is flipping the vga connection as well.

    Now that I've finally got it all sorted I have some work I need to finish off and then I'm going to transfer the whole lot to the new Antec case I mentioned. At least that way I have some breathing room when the next upgrade is planned.
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