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I want to format my HD and reinstall win XP. I have nothing I need to save. I use to have 2 partitions but now for some reason I only have 1. When I go to reinstal XP I get a message Caution: Installing multiple operating systems on a single partion is not recommended. You chose to install Windows XP on a partion that contains another OS (my case XP). Installing on this partion might cause the other OS to funtion improperly. My questions are as follows: Should I create another partion and if so how do I do that? If succesfull , do I delete the original partion or can I delete the first version of XP? how do I do that? System is bruttally slow that it takes at least 15 seconds for the start window to come up after I click on start. I have done all the maintenance I know of, Disc cleanup, virsus scan, defrag, ad-aware, check disc for errors, nothing helps. Thank you in advance for any help.
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  1. Delete your partition or partitions then repartition, format, install xp.
  2. Thanks for your response, but not being savy I am reluctant to delete the only partion remaining as I would not know how to repartition. Do I delete the partion during the formay process or do it from the disk management section? Where would I be able to repartion/
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    When you run the install program it come to a point where you get to choose which partition to install the OS in. At that screen you can delete all of the partitions on the disk and create a new one, and then select the new one to install the OS in.
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