Core i5-750 overclocking

Can anyone give me tips or links to helpful information?

My motherboard is an ASUS p7p55d-e Pro.
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  1. BCLK Freq - 190
    DRAM Freq - DDR3-1520MHz
    CPU Voltage - 1.325
    DRAM Voltage - 1.65

    Are these numbers fine?
    Am i missing anything?
  2. Been trying to find a definitive guide for this processor too. In my BIOS I can change the multiplier to x20 (or x21) and a BCLK of 170 gives 3.4GHz. What is your multiplier at 190 BCLK?

    In my BIOS (a Gigabyte board), I can change the memory multiplier down to x6 and the uncore frequency down to x32 to reduce those components.

    I might look on youtube instead.

    Also, you're not listing some important things like what multiplier, VTT/IMC voltage, load temps, turbo on/off, and what kind of stability tests you've ran.
  4. Also need full specs of hardware (RAM type, etc.) as 1520MHz on ram is high if it is supposed to run at 1333 (just as an example).

    Also, "fine" varies machine to machine. Only stability tests like Prime95 and LinX can tell you for sure.
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