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I am ready to purchase a SSD. I have spent a few days researching as school hasn't started yet and I've had a lot of free time.

So far I've narrowed it down to these two:
OCZ Vertex 2 120GB ($300 - $30 MIR) ~ http://tinyurl.com/24mpjaw
X25-m 80GB ($199) ~ http://tinyurl.com/2bzh88m

I am in school for engineering and would like this SSD for my desktop. I would like one for my 2010 mbp as well, but I would need something upwards of 160gb and that would push me out another $400-ish that I don't need to spend right now. I use about half a dozen intensive programs for my engineering courses which ultimately take up a lot of room on my OS partition I currently have. I'm using about 50GB currently on windows 7 partition.

With that said, and the fact that the gen 3's are rolling out soon, I am a bit worried about getting the x25-m 80gb. So I started browsing around over this past week looking around. My buddy has the 160gb x25-m and loves it, but I'm really not looking to drop $400 into this SSD as godly as it may be.

I then came across the OCZ models. I checked out their 3.5 SSD's and found their 90GB 3.5 priced @ $214 (tigerdirect) before rebate but since I'm in Texas, I get charged a hefty 8.25% tax so I passed. This 120GB 3.5 OCZ over at newegg is out of stock and don't carry the 90GB. I did find the 120GB 2.5 (newegg) priced at $300 on sale from $350 which I'm now considering. From what I've read and seen on benchmarks, the vertex 2's sport 50,000 IOPS vs the 35,000 that the x25-m's have.

Ultimately, I don't know which of these two to get. I also semi glanced at the Crucial's but got so exhausted form looking at SSD's I had to quit. My main functions on my desktop are using the engineering apps such as rivet, inventor, 3ds max, autocad, etc. I also use cs5 from time to time and I only play one game which is pretty light weight, Counter-Strike: Source.

Based on all of this, what do you guys think? Should I pick one; which one? Should I wait; if so for what? Should I consider another product; what would it be?

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  1. Youn have a working system now.
    New Gen 3s are commingout soon.
    Wait until you have the week off between Xmas and new year and get an SSD to install that week.

    By then there will be Gen 3 and more SATA 6 Gb SSD also like the Crucial 300.

    Dont buy a SATA II get a SATA III SSd during your next time off from school.
  2. maybe i should wait. I do plan to upgrade to an i5 or i7 along with new mb/ram/case within next yr or so as well.

    Any idea how much price drop will be? Will all ssd manufacturers be rocking the smaller nm ssd's or just intel initially?
  3. I would wait until the last minute beofre yourbuild before you pull the trigger.
    Also as I stated do the build during a week that you have off from school so you can give your build the time it needs and you wont be taking time away from your STUDYS!
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