Windows 7 vs Server 2008 R2 Benches here!

Well folks, here are some benchmarks between Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2.
System specs/settings :

E2180 @2Ghz (undid OC to give an accurate baseline)


No Page file on any OS

Disk benchmarks were run on a 320GB Seagate scratch disk to prevent any influence from boot (OS) drive.

Win 7 x64 and Server 2008 R2 are up to date. No background AV,etc during benching

Themes were installed on Server 2008 to make things even with Win 7.

Server 2008 R2 HD Tune Read Test

Server 2008 R2 HD Tune File Bench

Server 2008 R2 HD Tune Random Read Test

Server 08 R2 ATTO Bench

Will be updated to include rest of the benchs.
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  2. If you need any help with 2008 R2, let me know....I work with 8 servers with this OS.
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