Best fan speed monitoring software please?


I'm currently in the process of overclocking. I use Coretemp to monitor my cpu temp as there is an option to minimize it so that there are 4 little numbers in the bottom right of the task bar.

I use MSI afterburner when playing games so i can keep an eye on graphics cards fan speeds and temps on my secondary monitor.

I was wondering is there something like coretemp for fan speeds. The only fans i need to watch for awhile till i settle on an overclock speed will be the one on the Coolmaster v6gt (so CPU fan) and then also the temp and fan speed of the RAM cooler.

I got Speedfan but the user interface seems a bit clunky. Ideally I'd like to have something small that sits in the taskbar or maybe a small windows 7 gadget type thing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. HWMonitor also show the fan speed of ur rig.
  2. Sometimes I've had HWMonitor miss some of my fans, however PCWizard (by the same people, ironically) has been able to see them for me.
  3. I use Everest Ultimate to monitor most of my hardware, the intake/exhaust fans are connected to a fan controller (no way of monitoring those unless I physically look at the controller). I also use my secondary screen to monitor everything, here's an example :
  4. My favorite is definitely HWMonitor but you could always get Speed Fan.
  5. Try the informer gadget that can be added to yahoo gadgets.

    you simply have to have speedfan log the fan speeds (rather than the core temps) and then informer can display that info for you...

    here's a pic of how i have it set up on my desktop (bear in mind that i want it to display core temps)
  6. this is Jak_Sparra. i cant get logged in my old account for some reason so i had to create this one. Thank you for your replies. i'm using CUPID Harware Monitor for now. But i think i'll give the gadget idea a go.
  7. i've always used speedfan, but i do wanna tryout hw monitor, Everest looks pretty good too.
  8. everest dont work for me. I down loaded the free one, and it loads the little splash screen which just frezzes and goes no further. sigh.
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