How to Set Up a SSD plus a Sata II on Windows 7 64bit?

I want to set a SSD to work with HD Western Gigital 1TB 32MG Sata II.

Here is my hardware:

CPU Intel i7 920
ATI Radeon 5870
12GB 1600 MHz DDR3
HD Western Gigital 1TB 32MG Sata II
Corsair 850W
Windows 7 64 Bit

The purpose of it is to use this settings to make machinima (filming a realtime game). I want to avoid weird stutters while recording, since disk activity includes both the viewer reading from/writing to disk cache and realtime video-to-disk.

I am worry about possible losses on the SSD performane due to the JMicron controller on my mobo, which some reported having some issues.

All comments are welcome! Thank you!
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  1. connect the ssd to the sata 1 input for your operating system, and applications, then connect your 1tb drive ti the 2nd sata input for games, media,storage, etc....
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    And set the SSD as first boot in the BIOS. You have 6 SATA ports on that mobo. And set them to ACHI.

    Don' t use the JMicron controller! I have that mobo, and had nothing but trouble with that controller. I only use it for my Optical drive, which is IDE.

    Is this a fresh system? Or is the OS on the WD HDD?

    If so, you'll need to reinstall the OS to the SSD, to make sure it's aligned, and TRIM is supported/running. I wouldn't clone to a SSD, but other have.
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  4. How should I set it up on the mobo to avoid to use the JMicron controller?
  5. Just don't use the 2 white SATA II ports. The 5 orange SATA ports are via the intel ICH10R chipset/controller.

    Don't install the specfic drivers for the JMicron controller, either. Let the OS install the "generic" driver. I believe it called "JMicron JMB36X" via either the mobo chipset CD/DVD, or the Asus website, still don't use it.

    Set the SATA ports in the BIOS to ACHI to get the best performance for both drives.

    You didn't mention what kind of Optical drive you have: IDE or SATA. Some optical drives won't work via SATA in ACHI mode.

    If this is so, then use the JMicron ports, and set them to IDE in the BIOS. Still no specific driver install. If you have an IDE optical drive, same way. I have no problems set this way.
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