My CPU less voltage

Intel core i5-750.

I got CPU-Z and when I open it, the core voltage jumps from 0.864 to 1.2.

Also, the Core Speed and the multiplier are constantly changing.

How can i keep the processor running at a constant speed & voltage???
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  1. the chip is designed to change speed, it runs at a lower speed whenyour doing stuff like word processing or browsing. But as soon as it see's you need more power it ramps up the frequency and also the voltage. try playing arealy big movie file or playing a game or running a benchmark, you will see it goes to it's full speed then. You should not need it on full power all of the time.
  2. What is the powersaving feature? like in the bios?
  3. I'm not 100% sure, but this article might cover what your looking for:-
  4. That is Intel's Speedstep. Reduces CPU voltage and clock when CPU usage is low to save power. Gives you only the performance you need as you need it. Doesn't help idle a ton though as Intel already gave the chip the capability to turn sections off, helps more in the intermediate ranges.
    (And yes, it is in the BIOS and should be able to be deactivated if you wish (no idea why you would want to unless OCing) under advanced core options (or the like)).
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