Cpu wont overclock anymore

i have a core 2 duo @ 2.66ghz
running on a gigabyte mobo
an evga gtx 470 vid card
a 850w continuous power Antec p.s. (called CP850)
and my antec case with some godly amount of fans

i used to be able to overclock my cpu to 3.0ghz from 2.66
it won't let me even get as far as 2.8 without blue screening a couple minutes in, or restarting instantly at bios when i press save settings.. and converting back to default automatically :/

This never used to be a problem..

could the cooling paste i used on the cpu be going bad or something?

i have no idea what the problem could be, it's the same motherboard and processor i was using before
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  1. that all depends, are you using the same cooling paste on the same setup for a long time or did you just re-apply the cooling paste?
  2. CPUs and GPUs can start fading as they get older. I remember my old 6800GTs once could do 425 no sweat, then 415, then I eventually gave up and went to stock and they've worked great since.

    Be sure to do a thorough dust cleaning and fan inspection and keep an eye on temps.
  3. Hi i'm having a similar problem... E6600 with gigabyte mobo P35-S3G. Now with old video card 8800 GT I could OC to 3ghz no problem... but now with a GTX 260 I can't OC at all. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. What is your power supply? And you should probably start a new thread.
  5. I think I might of figured out why. It's a corsair 620w. Where the voltage is divided between rails
  6. That should still be plenty of power though.
  7. I have the same paste on since i originally installed the cpu way back when..
    maybe 2 + years ago
    the temps never get too high on the cpu but the cpu usage when i play a game or watch a movie sometimes sticks at or on 100% which doesn't make much sense to me..
    like it's struggling to even play a game.. which i personally always believed was more video card related than anything else.
  8. best practice is to take the whole PC apart (including the heatsink/fan from the CPU to re-apply thermal solution) and dust/clean everything out and re-do... i do it at least once a year... every time i get better temps as they get slightly higher over a years time...
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