Asus IPIBL-LB problem with PCI-Express

I am trying to get my video card (Galaxy 9800 GT) to work on my desktop. (HP Pavilion A6400f)

My computer does not see the card, I see the fan spooling on the card, so I know that it is getting power. When I boot up with card attached and monitor attached to card, I get a blank screen.

I would pre-install the drivers but the Nvidia drivers will not install without hardware attached. I have an appropriate power supply for this card.

The thing is, this card is the second card that does not work, first card didn't work so I assumed that it was DOA. Now this card doesn't work makes me think that it is the mobo. Does this mobo have a history of problems with pci-e slots or is it just me?

Power Supply:
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  1. Problem solved, had to turn off the monitor and than turn it back on while hooked to said video card. I guess the first card probably worked to.
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