Is it okay to run the NB higher than the bus ie bus:200 NB 2200?
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  1. ahumphers91 said:
    Is it okay to run the NB higher than the bus ie bus:200 NB 2200?

    NB should equal at least 3x memory clock (800x3=2400)

    Good read
  2. So how come i cant increase my bus withouth the system shutting down while running 3DMARK06? My bus and HT have to be at 200 or it shuts under that stress test.
  3. Do you mean increasing your FSB Frequency or increasing NB Frequency ?I would say if your stable with your NB @2.0 there is no need to raise it any higher. Raising the fsb will overclock everything without lower multipliers..
  4. yeah, I just went with what you gave me 3x800. I was just trying to get more out of Ocing my bus, ht and NB. It all adjusts at once in my Bios
  5. If your stable your good. If your going for benchmarks then you'll see a difference.

    If your going for superpi submissions now ;) and want to get your nb up to 2400 or higher you'll have to drop your cpu ratio,ht and memory to accommodate the fsb increase.

    Lock PCI-E freq. to 100
    240x9=2160 (or x8=1920) keep between 1800 and 2200

    You can raise or lower your fsb to get where you want to go.

    Make some 1m and 32m runs before and aft for comparison.

    My board always seemed to handled voltage very well, shouldn't need to change anything else...It will be interesting to see how your new board does..
  6. sounds good, thanks for the numbers. What is 1m and 32m runs?
  7. So would it be ok to go 270? Asus web-site says supports 1800 overcloked and memory stock is 1600. I would like to ask before I do it becuase I dont wanna f up something. heh. 270 would put my ram at 1800.09 or something like that.
  8. Where are you at right now ? Are you still stable ? You where at 3.8 correct ? So the 240x16 would put you a little over that at 3.84 and memory back at it's rated 1600.

    270 x what ? Were you going down to 3780 at 270x14 or up to 3915 at 270x14.5 ? Have you found your max cpu oc yet ?

    I don't know what your two modules are capable of, but I wouldn't push 1600 to 1800 at the price of having to loosen timings. If they can do it at specs or tighter and maybe v. bump then sure. AMD likes tighter timings over higher frequencies. If you could get 1700 at specs or tighter that would be better. My 1333 can do 1600 8-9-8-24-2T @1.65, but I get better scores w/ 1482 6-7-6-16-1T @ 1.53.

    But that's all just play, benchmarks and the like. Real world feel, system snap, you won't see the difference. If you don't wish to mess anything up (ie. stroke your os) don't mess with it ;) Set your memory to specs (or tighter) and use your BE multipliers. If you ARE going to mess with your memory, get memtest on a disc so you can boot to it and make several passes without errors before you boot to your os.

    What is 1m and 32m runs?

    That was a reference to the SuperPi Benchmark
  9. Thanks. Im just at what you suggested. I wasn't sure what to set timings at for 1800 or so on. Not great with ram, heh. But i am set at my 7-8-7-24 2t. I read that AMD likes 2T, cant remember where. I think it was the AMD Black Edition overclock guide on this site.
  10. ahumphers91 said:
    Thanks. Im just at what you suggested. I wasn't sure what to set timings at for 1800 or so on. Not great with ram, heh. But i am set at my 7-8-7-24 2t. I read that AMD likes 2T, cant remember where. I think it was the AMD Black Edition overclock guide on this site.

    Yes, those are good timings.

    Overclocking likes 2T because it is more stable per say. If you can do 1T stable, do so. AMD likes tight...

    Oc looks good. Drop your HT down to 2160 or even 1920 (want to keep it between 1800 and 2200ish)

    Tried bumping any higher 242,245 maybe ? I wanna see a max clock :) Going to take 247x16 to top the little propus x3 (but that's not remotely stable :( )
  11. It wont let me down clock the HT. I have the bus, nb and ht open at the same time it clocks them accordingly. so if the bus is 240, ht 240 and nb 2400
  12. Go down to HT Link Speed so it's highlighted and use the + or - keys on your keypad to change the values. Or highlight HT Link Speed and press enter opening all your options and arrow key to select and enter again the set.
  13. oh, go up on HT link? cant go down from 240 to auto. got my mem at 1T. I will try and see what I can do with the HT link.
  14. That looks around about rightish.. ;)

    Is it still stable and staying cool for you ?

    Have fun and keep us updated. Give us a ss when you hit 4.0.
  15. Well, not sure if I can hit 4.0, but I really appreciate how easy you made it for me! This is my first big OC, but I still have lots to learn im sure. When I get my new board I will give you a holler if I need some help or to let you know how that goes. right now just browsing internet and stuff its at 33 C. I will put it to the test when I burn a movie. that usually gives me a good idea. Not as much as prime 95 but better than 3DMARK06. But it did pass 3DMARK06 already.
    Thanks again!
  16. One more question. How did you come up with the HT link setting? is it just 240 x the ram 8 (for 800 mhz each?)
  17. HT Speed is x what ever (x10,x9,x8) in order to keep it between 1800 and 2200 as you raise or lower the fsb. (240x10=2400, 240x9=2160 and 240x8=1920 if you keep your ht too high you might not be able to boot. ht can be equal to but not higher than nb)

    NB Freq. is what should at least 3x memory clock. For 1600:3x800=2400nb, 1333:3x667=2000nb, 2000:3x1000=3000nb. Not all boards can do a 300 fsb, only had mine up to 289. Higher NB will net you better "benchmarks", but if you can remain stable at say 2160nb, no reason not to trim and lower where you can. Raising things up raises heat up too..

    One more question for you.. When you where booting into your os and failing 3DMARK06, were you increasing fsb to 240 or 205 or something like that ? 240x19= 4560 :o
  18. had it at i think 240 x 16 and tried 245-244-243-242-241 but all failed just a slight increase. I havent tried anything that dumb, but its weird. I think the best I'm gonna get is what we have done with 240 x 16, cant even go 16.50. Im not concerned abot temp, highest load was 51 C, but voltage has limited me : (
  19. Best answer
    Is your dram voltage set to spec, 1.6, 1.65 ?

    If you set Load Line Calibration to 12.9% that will prevent your vcore from dropping below what you to set it to and still allow it to draw a little more when needed under load. That will help you find your bare minimum needed for vcore.

    Drop your fsb to 230 then raise cpu ratio to 16.5, trying for 3910 rather than jumping to 3960 w/240x16.5 etc. (that would drop your nb to 2300 but that would be enough with your ram only running at 1534.)

    Back when you were at 200x19, did try lowering your memory freq to 1333 before trying to raise the fsb ? ( obviously that would give your mem all kinds of room)

    I'd like to believe if you loosen up your timings to maybe 8-8-8-24-2T (w/max spec voltage) you could overclock past 1600 at least a little, maybe not. I would definitely think they would run at 1333 and above at 7-8-7-24-1T.

    If you can get them to run at 5.33, you can try several different ways to get a little more..




    300x7=2100ht etc.

    You've a very nice oc as it is ! There's just always that having not tried everything..thing, know what I mean..
  20. I will give it a go. I will check back with you later and let you know how things went. So if I drop down to 5.33 or 1066 I can still run 7-8-7-24-1T?
  21. ahumphers91 said:
    I will give it a go. I will check back with you later and let you know how things went. So if I drop down to 5.33 or 1066 I can still run 7-8-7-24-1T?

    I'd like to think so...if your fsb is 250 or higher, like some of the suggestions above, it would be running at 1333 and above...or even going back to 200x19 and dropping mem to 1333 and then trying to bump fsb to 203,205,210 etc.

    Have fun, don't make it like work...
  22. ok, so here's a question. It says when im running at 5.33 or 1066 for my ram that my ratio is 3:8, when im running 6.67 or 1333 it says 3:10 and 800 or 1600 it says 1:4. Isn't 1:4 better? My Ram is stock 1600 but my motherboard can go up to 1800 OC, So with m e downclocking to 1333 and then clcoking it up to 1600 better than just setting it at 1600? I mean I know I have more OC options from what I have experienced when clocking down to 1333 but it seems to me that 1:4 is better right? I was told by a friend that I should shoot for a 1:1 ratio. Im just a little confused. But the clock 250 x 15.5 has worked clcoking down to 1066 on my ram. But that why I ask because the ratio in CPUZ says 3:8
  23. Our MB supports 4 x DIMM, Max. 16 GB, DDR3 1800(O.C.)/1600(O.C.)/1333/1066 ECC,Non-ECC,Un-buffered Memory

    Fastest memory speeds your cpu supports are ddr2 1066 and ddr3 1333.

    So you are getting your mem to run at 1600 by oc'ing them. (some folks can't)

    With you being able to run 1600 with such tight timings there's not going to be much question where you probably want to run. I'd be willing to bet your mem can do 1700+ at the price of loosening your timings to like 9-9-9-25 or something. (back to the timings vs freq.) Where as if you could drop to 1066 and tighten timings to 6-6-6-18 you might not see any difference in performance.

    Your memory is performing very well for you just as it is, @1600 7-8-7-24-1T. If your not comfortable messing with timings etc. DON"T MESS.

    If you were able to run 5.33 at 250x15.5, this would be a good spot to benchmark the difference between increasing fsb and lowering memory clock to gain higher cpu clock. (versus your lower fsb and higher mem clk and lower cpu clk at 240x16)

    If you haven't yet I would definitely go back to 200x19 and try dropping memory clk and bumping fsb there for max cpu clk..
  24. ok, I will try going back to 200 x 19 and put the ram at 1333. I can mess with the timings a bit and try some things. And yes, im getting my PC3-12800-1600mhz ram downclocked to 1333 and overclocking it to 1600. I will try some different things and see how she goes.
  25. Sorry, I have gone brain dead. You want me to drop the memory clock, meaning instead of 7-8-7-24 dropping that? If im at 1333 you want me to bump that up to 1600? I got lost. I went back and reset back to 200 x 19. what should I do from there?
  26. yes, 200x19, drop mem to 1333 and try to raise fsb to 201,202,205...210.

    Or even 200x19.5 w/mem at 1333...

    I'd lower it to 1333 only if you gain a higher cpu oc because you CAN run 1600 with the same timings and a slightly lower cpu oc.
  27. Well, that worked but didn't. Booted up but didn't pass 3dmark06. Can't raise v-core any higher. Already at 1.55v. But I did put it back at 240 x 16 and 240 x 6.67. But my v-core is still at 1.55v.
  28. actually v-core at 1.575v in bios but only reading 1.552 in cpuz. If I leave my loadline calibration at 12.90% it didn't work I believe. I have done so many things today with it. So the Loadline calibration sets a more accurate setting in bios that reflects in like cpuz?
  29. llc at 12% should keep your vcore from dropping below what you've set in the bios.

    But I did put it back at 240 x 16 and 240 x 6.67.

    Good, that does sound like a good setup.
  30. ok. thanks. I will get back with you if I have anymore questions. But thanks for the help.
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