Asus m3a78-t not running right

i have an asus m3a78-t mb and an amd phenom II 920 to go with it.

for some reasons it just seems that i am not getting the full capability out of the computer as is shoul. i have driver issuses for my gtx 260 and my processor just seems slow. It feels like no upgrade from my last 5600+. Iwas wondering if it is my motherboard because i bought an open box a while ago and they wont let me return. My temps are fine and run around 50c max at full load(prime95)

amd phenom II x4 920
asus m3a78-t
nvidia gtx 260
bfg 550w psu
kingston hyperX ddr2 1066
wd 160 gb hdd
coolermaster haf 932
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  1. if you're having driver issues...i assume this means you've formatted your computer and downloaded the latest drivers for everything in your system and these issues still exist?

    that's the best advice i have as i don't own that mobo. sorry. how does the bios look? is it updated?
  2. the bios is updated and have flashed multiple times and all my drivers are installed correcltly and have tried almost 30 different videocard drivers.
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