Please let me know what the problem is and how to fix it??

i have vaio vgncr35g laptop with matshitaDVD ram uj870qj drive.and the problem is i cant burn anything to my cds or dvds.
i have used a tons of softwares for dvd drive neither burns dvds nor cds..i mean literally nothing..whenever i start any burning or writing it encodes but then while burning after say a time of 20 min or so would eject the dvd or cd and would say burn failure...n then the next thing is data appears on dvd or cd when i explore it and plays on computer or laptop but not on any dvdplayer or cdplayer or mp3player ...i mean only plays on computer and no where else........what is the problem..and what would be the solution..
i even tried burning the videos and music which i had successfully burnt earlier but failed to burn later on..was just trying to see if there is some problem with the data i am burning...
all you guys out there please help me out..i have used evry type of media maxell the lowest possible speed..nothing is working out for me..
used ..i dont even remember the names even..but the thing is it fails in the middle and says hardware problem..and if it is playing on the computer does it mean the data has been burnt on to the media??
i am sorry..but i am not a just doing hit n trials...please please all u people out there..the me out..let me know what the problem is.
PS..i dont know when the problem started but earlier it used to burn the dvds and cds mp3s evrything..give any format..and it used to burn..i used to enjoy every downloaded movie n music on my players
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  1. Hello
    Have you tried to clean the laser? You need to take the Drive out of your pc,
    see this link here for advice. I don't know if it will cure the problem but woth a try perhaps.

    Taking the drive apart is tricky
  2. but my question is if the disc shows data on computer and whatever i try to burn is fully accessible by the laptop..doesn't that mean that data has been burnt on to the disc..and if it does mean so why it says burn process failure ....and also why does not it play on any other player but only in computer..
    and the data previously successfully burnt shows burn failure now..even if same type of media is used
    and yeah i have tried cleaning too..please would be a great help if somebody explains the type of problem..i want to figure out if its a hardware prob or some prob with the data i am trying to burn.....come on please give me some clue..
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