Thunder i7505 s2665

Hi i have a thunder i7505 s2665 motherboard during i bootup theres an error beep codes theres 6 to 7 beeps upon power up what possible problem for this errors i hope you help me regarding this matter

Regards Ronald,
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  1. Most likely it's either the memory or cpu. Check the bios version required for your cpu on tyan's website. And some of their boards require ecc memory. I always test a board with a bare post on a non conductive surface, such as a phonebook. Just use the cpu/heatsink, one stick of memory, and video to get a post screen if possible.
  2. Unfortunetly the memory modules was test to a good cpu memory module ok what is possible problem i think the bios was the problem what your suggestion.
  3. You may need to flash the bios with an older cpu or use bios man, the recommended vender. Tyan won't ship you an updated bios chip like some manufacturers. And don't assume a good memory module will work on your board. Some server boards are picky about memory type and brand. I would contact Tyan about recommended memory for your board, or check their website for tested modules.
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