Athlon X2 64 7750 BE 4 cores?

Sorry if this has already been asked....

But was reading up on some Cpu reviews and came across an article stating that the cpu stated above is a Phenom x4 with 2 cores disabled and that some of them can be unlocked, apparently its true. Has anyone heard of this?
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  1. Guys, I tried searching for that thread where people talked about unlocking the the fourth core of this CPU. IIRC, the 7750 BE comes with three cores enabled, not only two.
  2. ok now Im confused so its a quad with 4 enabled? or you can only enable an extra core :s lol, sorry for the confusion
  3. I've never heard about the X2 7750 being able to unlock extra cores, but I have heard that a few X2 7850 have been able to. You also need either a Biostar or Jetway motherboard from my understanding as well with a 790GX chipset.

    Personally I wouldn't buy it if you need a quad, cause it probably won't unlock the cores, even with the X3 chips its all a game of chance.
  4. ^ no the 7750's can have the extra cores unlocked, I think after the 7xx core unlock 'hack' came out they realised that it could be done with some other cpu's aswell so instead of just relaunching a new stepping they started selling the 7850 which has a new stepping which prevents core unlocks and they added a higher clock speed to attract customers.
  5. had started a thread on this a while ago
  6. ^ by BIOS update so if you still want to unlock those cores you'll want an earlier BIOS like F2 for gigabyte.
  7. There cybot, that was the thread I was looking for! And you're right zipzoom, got a bit confused there.
  8. Ok guys, my system has just come , im not a noob with computers, but anyone have any ideas about which BIOS to use, put me in the right direction and il get cracking with it
  9. i have a biostar ta785ge 128m with a x2 7850 be and i put acc on "all cores" and after booting up windows 7 instaled some software cause it found new hardware and when i clicked to see what it was i saw 4 lines of an amd cpu software and when done i checked hwmonitor and it said phenom fx-7850 quad core and saw the four cores temps. with msconfig i went to boot, advnaced and i checked the 4 cores and i played all my games withot any trouble with my integraded hd 4200(fear2, gears of war, modern warfare2 or 6 as u want etc)
    also saw it with cpuz and the first 3 caches were double in size and also with hw monitor i saw the watts were from 65 and 80 sometimes to 120 watts.
    days after when i turned on the pc it was back to athlon x2 7850 be.
    why? i dont have any idea. since then i tried a million formulas and nothing. today i even downloaded latest bios and no luck yet, looking at every forum how to fix this. a least i know is true cause i was playing with 4 cores enabled. is not a mith as some people sugested in other forums.
    i hope i find it again.
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