Stable Prime95 blend test, BSOD on Large FFT test

Greetings, I have a phemon IIx4 945. I'm trying to get to a stable 3.6 Gzh .Currently, im sitting on 3.53 Ghz. And it's quasi stable. It'll pass 10 runs on Prime95's blend test, but fail hard on the Large FFT test. heres some info

Additional info
CPU NB 1.2v-Stock
SB 1.2v-Stock
NB 1.1v-Stock
DDR3 1.6v-Stock

DDR3 Timings x5.33 multiplier
I'm not sure where to go from here. Thanks for looking :)
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  1. its also stable in small fft test
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    Try increasing your vcore one or two notches.
  3. Also try lowering your ram to the lowest multi to make sure it is not holding you back.
  4. ok i will go back to messing with vcore,
    i will try lowering the ram
  5. huh, i must have changed the vcore the other night. i could have sworn i left it +.05v. it was on +.025v. its now stable at 3.53. I didnt mess with the ram, its reading appx 1200mhz, stock can go to 1333, and says it can OC to 1600
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