Evga e758 vs evga e760

I know this seems like a silly comparison, but the price is why I'm on the fence.

I've been looking on newegg, and the

e758 costs $300 and the

e760 costs $400.

My initial plan is to get just 1 graphics card. (something cheap for now until gtx 300 series comes out. by then, gtx 200 will be cheaper, or gtx300 will just be that much better) but, in the future, I would like 2 graphics cards (SLI), a tv tuner, a sound card, and a usb/firewire expansion. The expansion isn't necessary but, you know. future proofing. maybe i'll need the slot for something else that's fun? but the question is: is future proofing worth the extra $100? the cards have plenty of ports already.

besides the repositioned-ness, what is the real difference? i'm trying to justify the $100 here. All in all, i most likely will spend the extra $100 so i don't feel gypped out of that extra expansion slot on my case, but idk.

if it matters, or if it isn't obvious, it's going to be a gaming rig.


edit: does anybody have any personal experience with these cards? if so, how does the x8 performance differ compared to x16? and, would the e760 be better with the lane bandwidth? i think i heard something where it's actually the intel x58 chipset limitation which limits the 2nd and 3rd PCIe to x8 if there are 3 GPUs. but, i doubt i'll get 3 (decreasing marginal gain and such) so that may be a non-issue.

edit again: if there's an evga sub-section, could somebody move this thread? i couldn't find it in the list...

edit3: so it appears that the e760 is .78" bigger. it's not exactly extended atx standard. how well would this fit in an atx case? more specifically, this one?
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  1. I don't think spending $100 is worth it, especially when both boards are practically the same. Unless you're looking at installing a myriad of expansion cards down-the-road, I'd save the money and go for the equally functional 758.
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