SSD or Raid 0

I currently have a 500GB Seagate Barracuda HDD and I am in the market for an upgrade!
Would it be better to get another 500GB Barracuda to put in Raid 0 or get a Corsair Force 80GB SSD (or the equivalent)?
I just want something to use as a boot drive and to store most if not all of my applications.
I would prefer speed to capacity but getting another drive is $55 while an SSD is about $200.
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  1. Really depends on if you can afford it or not. If you can, then it's worth it, there's another thread going on right now about the pro's of SSD. But if you even think you can't afford it stick with the Raid 0, you'll live w/o the SSD!

    FWIW I've got almost all of my set ups with a SSD, then RAID 1 for pictures, docs etc. and then either another HDD for back up or an external and it seems to work great for me. I've also set up one rig that uses Raid 0 and another larger drive for the back up and works great (not as great as the SSD) as well. So really, if your comfortable putting down the money, then do it. IF your even slightly uncomfortable, get the HDD, and save up until your more comfortable with the SSD cost.
  2. If you need a lot of space then buy the HDD - it has a much lower cost per GB.

    If you need a lot of speed, then buy the SSD - it has an access time about 100X faster than a HDD.
  3. Okay. I will buy an SSD. Now to decide which one...
  4. blindmanwithskill said:
    Okay. I will buy an SSD. Now to decide which one...

    At 200$ I would recommend

    It's a bit easier to handle with the 80gb, but if you don't mind a smaller amount of room then...

    That'll give you the best performance for under 200$ and well, it's cheaper.
  5. blindmanwithskill said:

    Haha, good find, didn't really browse around thinking more gigs = less money! Looks like a good buy to me!
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