Hd4870x2 & gtx 295 performance issues

Hello, just wondering if someone can help, my specs are below:

Raidmax Sirius case
Vista Ultimate 64bit SP1 (all window updates)
Q6600 Quad Core @ 2.4Ghz (fan cooled)
4GB Dominator RAM 1066mhz
Asus Rampage Formula x48 motherboard (bios, and chipset updates)
OCZ Elitexstream 1000w PSU
XFX Nvidia GTX 295 (updates 182.8 installed)

I had major problems with my old card Hd4870x2, regarding performance in games i.e lack of fps. I tried four different cards 3 sapphire and 1 gigabyte and they all had the same problem. So i bought a GTX 295 thinking it might be because the cards were ATI, and still i have the same problem, lack of performance, but the performance is slightly better.

Far Cry 2 in the jungle i get around 30-60 fps, but out in the open it drops to 30-35 aa is on x8, ultra high settings and the screen res is 1680x1050, bioshock i get around 40-60, crysis no aa and settings on very high 30-35, and settlers everything on max i get in the woodlands 60fps but in a city about 25.

I have replaced everything (motherboard 3 times, i had a zalman 750w psu which i now have ocz 1000w, ram has been changed, 2 brand new hdd 500gb, the only thing i have not changed is my quad core. i changed my ati card about 3 weeks ago, but was having problems with it since i purchased it in october. The only thing i can think of is the cpu is faulty not running all cores, and since i have tried different card and changed parts of my system gods know how many times, thats the only thing which is original.

i have uploaded videos on youtube, and here is the links below if any one want to have a look ( the videos are with my old hd4870x2, but remember the gtx 295 performance is not much better at all.


help can someone help, as this is driving me crazy!!!
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  1. Ur cpu isn't overclocked, that's one of the bad sides which bottlenecks ur computer a little. I'd clean install the whole thing :D

    For vista DO NOT LET vista auto update ur drivers. As soon clean install is ready turn off vista updates.

    Try buying a good fan for the CPU and OC it to 3.2 GHz no problem :D

    hope it helps but spending all the money on GTX295 from 4870x2 is useless and try contacting the company directly.
  2. I have similar system with you Q6600 3.2GHz GTX 295 4GB Vista 64bit but different motherboard and my results is:

    crysis benchmark i get 44fps(1680x1050 0xAA veryhigh DX10) and 53fps(1680x1050 8xAA ultrahigh(mod) DX9)

    farcry2 benchmark I get 83fps(1680x1050 4xAA ultrahigh DX10)

    Clearly now you see the deferent’s from a Q6600 2.4 to a Q6600 3.2GHz
    So you need to OC at list to 3.2GHz to get performance.

    Even with the Q6600 at 3.2GHz you will be bottleneck (not much something like 10%) because:

    Corei7 & GTX295 crysis benchmark get 48fps(1680x1050 0xAA veryhigh DX10)
    Q6600 3.2GHz & GTX295 crysis benchmark get 44fps(1680x1050 0xAA veryhigh DX10)
    Q6600 3.0GHz & GTX295 crysis benchmark get 41fps(1680x1050 0xAA veryhigh DX10)
  3. Its not only about bottleneck its about playable frames as well.

    Read this:

    It should show you some games that don't benefit from the i7 or oc, and others that gain some amazing frames.
  4. I would ask you all to go to the cpu section, and let some of them know there that most games are NOT gpu bottlenecked today with these new cards, but are cpu bottlenecked at stock speeds. Theres alot of people, and knowledgeable people at that, that simply dont know this, and blame the gpu
  5. regarding zipzoomflyhigh, ok i dont know much but everyone has to start somewhere, i'm sure you messed things up before, the rest of the people who replied, thank you very much most grateful.

    i was just asking a simple question clearly because i do not know much about this kind of thing, and i was waiting for a blonker to give me a sarcastic answer. and well done zipzoomflyhigh you have won the jack ass of the year award
  6. Really depends on game and setup. I keep hearing more vram the better for Crysis. Maybe the 2gig 285 may show us something in Crysis
  7. going from 2.4 to 3.8 raised the Warhead avg from 50-60 and the min from 20 to 24, not much, but sitll loved to bench mark, though 4 frames doesn't justify the effort put into the Overclock
  8. zipzoomflyhigh

    If u do not turn it off vista auto-updates old drivers. which pisses me off a lot !

    and liquid going from 2.4 to 3.8 is very rare and usually water cooled so air cooled I'd say not really more than 3.2 - 3.5 depends on the silicon u get. some CPUs oc higher and some dont :D
  9. well my CPU is lapped and water cooled haha, so it helped in the oc:)
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