Gtx 295 performance problems

Hello, just wondering if someone can help, my specs are below:

Raidmax Sirius case
Vista Ultimate 64bit SP1 (all window updates)
Q6600 Quad Core @ 2.4Ghz (fan cooled)
4GB Dominator RAM 1066mhz
Asus Rampage Formula x48 motherboard (bios, and chipset updates)
OCZ Elitexstream 1000w PSU
XFX Nvidia GTX 295 (updates 182.8 installed)

I had major problems with my old card Hd4870x2, regarding performance in games i.e lack of fps. I tried four different cards 3 sapphire and 1 gigabyte and they all had the same problem. So i bought a GTX 295 thinking it might be because the cards were ATI, and still i have the same problem, lack of performance, but the performance is slightly better.

Far Cry 2 in the jungle i get around 30-60 fps, but out in the open it drops to 30-35 aa is on x8, ultra high settings and the screen res is 1680x1050, bioshock i get around 40-60, crysis no aa and settings on very high 30-35, and settlers everything on max i get in the woodlands 60fps but in a city about 25.

I have replaced everything (motherboard 3 times, i had a zalman 750w psu which i now have ocz 1000w, ram has been changed, 2 brand new hdd 500gb, the only thing i have not changed is my quad core. i changed my ati card about 3 weeks ago, but was having problems with it since i purchased it in october. The only thing i can think of is the cpu is faulty not running all cores, and since i have tried different card and changed parts of my system gods know how many times, thats the only thing which is original.

i have uploaded videos on youtube, and here is the links below if any one want to have a look ( the videos are with my old hd4870x2, but remember the gtx 295 performance is not much better at all.

help can someone help, as this is driving me crazy!!!
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  1. Hi, i had the same problem and i check my memory and the problem were in it. So i changed my memory and now every is working fine.

    Before i had 4 gb at 1066 of corsair and now i have 800 and it change everything.

    This is what i have: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 - Asus P5K Premium - Corsair 4gb (CM2X2048-6400C4DHX) - e-VGA NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT - HD WD 500GB (2) in Raid 0 And Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bits With No SP1.

    I hope this will help you...

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