Ati 4870 gpu / rampage formula setup problems

My setup is.
intel 8500 core2duo
Asus Rampage Formula
Ati 4870 1G graphics card
850w Antec power supply
8gigs on 6400 ram
Antec twelve hundred Case
Vista 64Bit
Havent done any overclocking.
1st everytime i run sumtin graphical theres always lil points where it stutters,never smooth
I ran 3dmark06 and got
3DMark Score 12519 3DMarks
SM 2.0 Score 4876
SM 3.0 Score 6600
CPU Score 2909
Is that normal?
Iv tried updateing bios,ati drivers,and messing around with the bios.etc. and nothing seems to work.If anyone with the same setup or close to it has any advice.
2nd one of the biggest problems iv been having is with the sound card that came with the Rampage Mobo (Supreme FX 2) has recently started to make a high pitch static sound coming from the card,i was thinking it could be the light on it,but i dont think theres anyway to turn it off.
any advice would be appreciated thanks.
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  1. Have you verified that your FSB and memory settings are correct?

    Vista does some indexing of new programs that causes initial slowdowns, but this is usually not very noticeable.

    What resolution is your monitor, and what are the specific games or apps you are having problems with?

    When you say the sound card is making noise, do you mean the card itself, or the audio channel? Is this sound coming from the speakers/headphones?
  2. SM 2.0 Score 6885
    SM 3.0 Score 6697
    CPU Score 3214

    From my E6850 @ 3.6
    P5N32e SLI PLUS (stripped striker)
    4gb DDR2 800 4-4-4-12
    stock EVGA 9800GTX+ SSC (778 stock speed)

    Your 4870 is supposed to be better then my 9800GTX+.

    Remove the sound card and see how its going ? if she is making the system busy ? i dont thnik its her fault .. but can still try ! Use driversweeper to be sure to clean you old GPU driver, and install fresh last one.
  3. running in 1680x1050 and the card itself in makeing the noise,when i turn off the comp the mobo and the sound card still light up so im guessing its the led light on the card thats makeing the staticy noise.
    the graphics card couldnt be the problem cause i swaped it out with a 4850 a 4870x2 and still getting choppy performance on games like warhammer online and cod5 so you think it could be the mobo?
  4. the 3dmark test was run in 1024x768
  5. Remove the sound card and see how its going ? if she is making the system busy ? i dont thnik its her fault .. but can still try !

    fast and EZ to test ... yes it can be mobo related. Your GPU is fine if you tried other and its still crap. Mobo-cpu-ram something is wrong, Software ? driver ?
  6. tried removing the sound card nothing changed.couldnt be driver or software related cause i tried formatting and reinstalling 3dmark scores for my cpu were pretty low but i just thought it was cause it was not overclocked.If i contact asus support or ask for a repair what should i say?
  7. you can if the sound card is really making a weird sound. Maybe the performance is MOBO related. Your resinstalled and installed all new drivers with no result ?
  8. Yep reinstalled everything,I submitted a help form to asus hopefully they will respond.
  9. u sure the pci-e slot is running at x16? , id check in bios
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