Comp turns off right away. CPU dead?

hey I recently had a power outage and when I went to turn my computer back on nothing happened!
I then unplugged everything and moved it and put just the power cord in,When I turned it on it would turn on then off almost instantly and did so even with no ram, no HD, no video card, I did lots of swapping. No beeps nothing on the screen. The only time it didnt shut off right away was when I had the CPU out of it and the heatsink fan unplugged, then the mobo and stayed on. Maybe thats because then the PSU barely needs to work? a couple times, with the cpu in and all of the hardware, It would stay on for a few seconds more but during that time the light in the psu would barley go on and like flicker while the rest of the system sounded like it was begging for more energy pretty much. I'm very confused, I don't know if my PSU is dead and I need a new one or if I need to go buy a new CPU -_- I'm going out to buy a new one tomorrow so any help would be much appreciated.

My hardware is.
Intel E8400 3.0 ghz not O/C'd
Asus maximus formula
gtx 285
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  1. My, that's some odd troubleshooting - powering up the motherboard without a CPU installed??

    Probably zapped your PSU. Take it out and bring it to a computer shop and ask them to test it. Alternatively, buy yourself a PSU tester - examples: or
  2. haha I was drunk at the time, probably not smart but I was pissed off lol,
    I'm going to try in the morning that paperclip green/black trick, I tried it when I got home,
    I took the CPU plug out, like it said, and the 24 pin mobo thing and connected the green and black
    and nothing happend, but when the comps put together I get that on/off stuff and everytime now on the second try pushing the button,
    Its like its trying to start up the lights on the mobo are like flickering dull/bright like its not getting enough power.
    My power to the mobo is a 20 pin then attached to the same thing but separate is another 4 pin but it says 24 on it, so I'm not sure but Im assuming that's just the rest of the "24 pin' and I leave that unplugged too while I do the paperclip test, and leave the cpu one unplugged to right? just to clairfy this is what im doing

    It's doubtfully a fried cpu though right? I just would rather only make one trip.
    Im leaning myself towards a PSU.
    I'm gonna just buy another PSU most likely.
  3. I would agree with 55795642 that you most likely fried your PSU. Normally, your PSU and Surge protector are designed to take the hit and die when you have a surge like you can get just before a power outage. A tester is the cheapest way to verify if the PSU is died before buying a new one.

    Other options, if you have an old PSU, place it into the case to see if your system will fire up. If nothing happens there, than you know either your MOBO, CPU or both are fried along with the PSU. You can test your CPU by placing it into another computer, if you have that option. If that system doesn't fire up, than your CPU is dead. I don't know no fancy tricks for testing a MOBO outside the standard operating methods.

    It could've fried your CPU... not likely but it could've. Lets just hope for the best and it is a quick fix with the PSU. I lost my PSU, CPU and MOBO due to a faulty MOBO, which was very costly for me to replace but it can happen.
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