Black screen after upgrading RAM

Hey guys, ive recently bought 2 sticks of 2gb RAM making a total 4gb. I previously had 3gb and that worked fine, 2 different makes. I upgraded that RAM and found that one of the sticks i bought was faulty however i used the working one i bought with an old stick i had which was also 2gb.

I took both of the sticks back to where i bought them and replaced both for 1 of the same sticks so as to get half my money back and have just replaced it again. It was definitely the correct model for my computer. it put it in the computer with the other,older stick and at first it worked.

After boot up it went onto the vista screen abd just turned off. It kept doing that over and over but getting a shorter time between turning off. Now it turns on and stays on as if booting up however there is nothing on the screen. Ive tried switching them round, different sticks of RAM, making sure they fit etc but nothing will get the screen back. please help me. sorry for the long post but theres so much detail needed. thanks in advance.
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  1. There might be something wrong with your retailer's stock. Have you tried the RAM on another computer?
  2. All RAM requires a specific voltage. You need to make sure that both modules can operate at the same voltage. I had some GSkill memory that would not operate unless I upped the voltage manually to 2.1v. Also your memory timings for both modules should be exactly the same if not that could be causing a problem. It really is not wise to mix memory brands always stick with manufacturer recommended modules.
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