New build won't power up!!! :-(

I have just finished building a new computer.

The products used are:

AMD phenom 9950 BE
2x Seagate SATA II 500gb HDD
2x Hynix 2gb DDR2-800
Asus M3N78 pro motherboard
Sapphire 4870 512mb
Corsair HX 520 psu
Thermaltake armor+ MX case
LG 20x SATA dvd writer
Zalman CNPS 7500 cpu cooler

anyway i go to test it out and all that happens when i press the power button is the fans spin a tiny bit, the fan led's flash once and the red led's on the back of the graphics card flash. It is obvious that everything hooked up to the system is getting a little pulse of power but nothing more. i have disconnected the graphics card, changed the ram slots and unplugged all the power hungry devices (HDD's DVD/RW and graphics card) but it still wont fully power up. I have checked all the power connections. The fans plugged strait into the powersupply also only get a little pulse of power so that means the psu is only giving off a little pulse. The led on the motherboard led is on but when i push the power button and everything else goes on for a split second it flashes off.

I don't know what is wrong!!!??!!?!?!?!!!!? :-( please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

annoying :-(
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  1. Hello there
    It seems to me that it could reasonably be one of two things: Motherboard or PSU.
    The first thing i would test is the PSU - grab a diffrent PSU and stick it in, see if it works.
    If your PC still does'nt work, it will most likely be the motherboard. Before you go replacing it, reset the Bios by removing the battery on the motherboard for 5-10 minutes. Then, stick it back in and test it again.
    Another way to find out if if your motherboard works - did it beep when there was no RAM? If no, then its the motherboard.

    Anyways, hope i helped, lemme know if you need anything else :D
  2. Hi,

    Unfortunately i need a psu with a 24 pin connector and i only have psu's with 20 pin apart from the one that's in there now. I can however pull the psu out and try it in another computer. If the psu works then i will rebuild the computer entirely just to check everything. If it still doesn't work ill assume that it is the motherboard and i will use my warantee.
  3. wow you can't have a computer turn on that requires a 24 pin connector when your only plugging in a 20 pin connector. It won't work, you need a PSU with a 24 Pin connector. Did you also check the little power connecter on the top of the mobo by the processor also(if AMD has one).
  4. well the mobo is fine. did the rebuild and it works now! i didn't work out what the problem was though as i built it again the same but oh well, it's not that i have never experienced strange technology failure before :-)

    now i am going to get my cable spaghetti sorted out and install vista!

    thanks for you help :D
  5. Lol Vista... have fun :D
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