Ssd speeds

recently got a second hand kingston ssd
i get 5.9 windows performance rating witch seems low
i have achi enabled from a fresh install and have just done a test in hd tune
are these speeds what they should be
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  1. Your screenshot indicates a Segate 7200.8 HDD (ST3360832SA) NOT a SSD.

    Your wei @5.9 also indicates a HDD (5.9 max for HDD under win 7).

    Which is your boot drive, wei is for boot drive only.

    Is your SSD a generation 1, or 2 as Gen 1 do not normally support win 7 Trim cmd. Post model number for SSD.
  2. 1. As RetiredChief said, those screenshots are both of your HDD
    2. Don't put any weighting on the WEI score, it's got stupid requirements that can cause it to top out at 5.9 (even on an SSD so I've discovered).
    3. Stop benchmarking and just use the drive. If you want it to get slow, keep benchmarking it.
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