LG Multi DVD Rewriter not reconizing CDs

Sorry to trouble you guys I can see you get alot of the dvd drives not working subject but I would really appreciate your help, basically my LG Multi DVD Rewriter is not reconizing that theres a disk in.

The computer is reconizing the drive as D drive so it knows the Drive is there, it shows up in the bios as the master, I have checked the device manager and this shows the LG drive as working.

I have tried the following
1. making sure the ide cable is connected.
2. Uninstalling the driver and reinstalling driver.
3. device manger also says the driver is upto date.
4. Tried Microsofts we will fix it download which I got from a link posted on this forum from some other guy who as the same problem.
5. went on a forum that said to try this because it was a vista issue, so I did the following
Opened Run command, type and >Open regedit, go to:


In the right pane, if it does not already exist, create a new 32-bit DWORD value. Name the new value as NoCDBurning, and assign the value data to 1.
Reboot or logoff/logon to apply.

and I still have the same porblem, no luck !.

Is there something I could have over looked, or could try ?
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  1. Ok just tried something, I have removed my LG Multi drive from the computer and replaced it with a Pioneer DVD rewriter from an old computer I had, also I have changed the IDE cable just incase there was a problem with that and I have got the same problem, computer is showning the Pioneer as drive D its also in the Bios as master and in the device manger as working and the driver is upto date.

    So because I have changed my DVD rewriter and ide cable and I still have the same problem this now shows that there is nothing wrong with the LG drive and the problem must be something wrong with how vista is reconizing the DVD rewriter or theres something wrong in the bios ?.
  2. Have you tried a few different discs? Are you trying to get it to burn on a blank disc, or read off a disc?
  3. I have tried a movie and game even a music cd, its always the same, showing no CD, even in my computer if I click on the drive it says insert CD even tho theres allready a cd in the drive.

    Im not missing anything in the bois am I ?

    Primary IDE master Pioneer dvd-106d

    P10 mode auto
    udma mode auto
    primary IDE MASTER auto
    Access mode auto
    On board configuration.
    IDE Fuctions
    Onchip IDE channel0 Enabled
    IDE DMA Transfer access Enabled
    IDE prefetch molde Enabled.
  4. When you connected the other DVD drive, did you put a disc in it?

    Did you check to see if the old drive was fully functional? They may both be damaged.

    Your BIOS settings look ok. If they weren't, the OS will usually not see the drive.
  5. The other drive worked fine in the other computer that was the first thing I checked before changing them over just incase the ulikely could happen and yes I have put a disk in it, I have tried 4 disks, I can only think its something in Vista OS thats stopping it from reconizing the disks, god knows what, Im just going round in circles now.
  6. The Fixit scan will usually find if there is an OS related issue, even if it can't resolve it. Did it find any issues?
  7. All it said was,
    we have detected there is a problem with your system and are unable to apply the fixes, our verification shows the problem still exists.
    Issue found
    Media in CD/DVD drive not readable (Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-160D ATA.

    It said the same thing with the LG Drive as well and I have tried different CDs each time, so something is stopping OS from telling the DVD drive to read the CDs, I have scanned the computer and it shows no virus so that cant be the problem, what ever this is I have no idea, I have rolled back the computer to a restore point as far as I can go and thats made no difference, the only other thing is to retore the computer back to factory setting where theres nothing on it at all but the OS system but thats impossible because I need to have the drive working so I can put the Vista disk in !
  8. Boot into safe mode. Does the same thing happen there?

    Do you have all the windows updates?
  9. lol allready tried it, I found that link this morning and it didnt work, if you look at the begining of this topic when I posted this message it describes what I have tried, it was a good idea and I had my hopes up but still no joy.
  10. yea I have tried safe mode and it still does the same, and windows is upto date with service pack 2 and the rest.
  11. Jteck said:
    lol allready tried it, I found that link this morning and it didnt work, if you look at the begining of this topic when I posted this message it describes what I have tried, it was a good idea and I had my hopes up but still no joy.

    Ya, I remembered you did a registry tweak, but it had slipped my mind. I deleted the post after I went back and re-read the original post.
  12. You can check the cable connections and ports for corrosion. You can try playing with the udma settings in the BIOS. Though, I'm doubtful these will change it.

    If you think the drive is good, you can get an external enclosure, and connect it via USB or firewire. Though, with the cost of a new drive, I would just get a new one.
  13. thx aford10 I Will take everything you say onboard and will try a few other things as well, but for now I will leave it till tommorow its getting late here, I will let you know if I find a fix to this prob, maybe it could help someone else in the future,
  14. Thanks, best of luck to you!
  15. Update.

    Unfortuntely this problem could not be fixed, spoke to a friend today from a local pc repair shop and he told me that he had the same problem as me and that there was no real solution to why the CD or DVD drives will not reconize that theres a CD or Media in the drive,
    All they could find out is that there seems to be a large amount of people having the same problem out there and you only have to google this to see what he means and while some where able to fix there drives by making small changes or fixes the other 80% could not, what he did find out is that this problem normally happens after a microsoft update or something to do with adobe !.
    In the end he had to do a fresh reinstall of windows and start from scratch, this then cleared all the problem for good and the DVD/CD drives were reconizing the CDs again.

    So I have followed my friends advice and cleared the harddrives and then placed the vista cd in the drive (which obviously the drive worked) then reinstalled Vista, and now the DVD drive works & reconizes the CDs.

    The only problem now is that I have lost my activation key for windows which I thought was in the draw, so now Im well and truly fcuked ! lol,
    And as allways Micosoft are pretty much usless when it comes to things like this unless your willing to get your money out, so all in all Im having a bad week.

    Might as well close this subject now.

    PS you can laugh if you want to. I am.
  16. Thanks for the update! At least you made some progress.
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