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I want to upgrade my motherboard but there's just one problem. I have an OEM version of Windows Vista that came with my computer and I can't upgrade the motherboard without getting a new windows product key. I really want to avoid this. Would it be possible to install the new motherboard, install the Windows 7 RC, and then use my upgrade copy of Windows 7 to do a clean install? Would this work or would I run into problems?
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  1. I'm pretty sure that the upgrade won't accept a Windows 7 RC installation as a valid prerequisite. If would be a pretty huge hole if Microsoft were to allow that, since Win7RC is widely available for free.
  2. You can use a dell oem vista dvd to get around your proprietary windows copy. After formatting and reinstalling vista, just activate online using the product coa number on the side of your case. I did this with my compaq presario after changing boards. The dell dvd's are sold at some software venders, such as 9software, and a few others listed on pricewatch under "operating system". You can also google it.
  3. I came across this article which, if i understand it correctly, says that the Windows 7 RC will count as a qualifying previous version. So would I be able to install that after installing the new motherboard and have everything work after I upgrade to the real thing?

    "The only good news I learned from all of this, is that the Windows 7 RC will serve as a qualifying previous version (assuming of course that it’s activated)."

  4. If you already have a premium or pro version of xp or vista. Vista home basic doesn't qualify for the recent upgrade sale. I had one ordered, but cancelled when I found out my vista basic wouldn't qualify.
  5. so using the Windows 7 RC and then upgrading to the real thing would not work, right?
  6. anybody?
  7. This page tells you how to re-activate your OEM licence when you change motherboard...

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