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Ok so my birthday is coming up next weekend. I have a few gift ideas in mind and the top one on my list is the HD 4870 due to the huge price cut. I currently have an HD 4850 and i thought the upgrade would be well worth it especially with it being only 180 dollars. But my question is it worth going for the 1gb model or the lesser one. And so which card is the most reliable. Note i can't go over 200 dollars on this.
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  1. i need to know if the upgrade is worth it and should i get the 1 GB version or the 512. I need to know soon because there is a great weekend deal going on
  2. It all goes down to what res you are playing at. In most cases a 1gb 4870 willl perform much better than a 4850. you get better cooling at min.
  3. ok thanks im running in 1680X1200, but im planning on buying at 24" monitor in a few months and running dual screens 19" and 24"
  4. In that case definatly a 1gb 4870

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