Grounding from PC chassis straight to the ground

I recently built a new PC and every time I touch my case it gives me a little tingling sensation. I think it is because there are current flowing on the case. My power outlet don't have grounding attach to it and long story short, grounding the outlet is not an option for me.

So my question is, is it advisable to attach a wire from a chassis straight to a copper rod buried underground ?
will this have any bad effect on my pc components ? I heard that if you ground your chassis this way it will damage the pc parts after a while. If i decided not to do anything will this little current circulating on the chassis be dangerous for my pc ?

Also any suggestion on what kind of wire, the gauge etc that I must use ? is it enough to just hook a wire to the outside surface of the chassis or should it be hooked into the inside part of the chassis under the mobo?

Thank you
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  1. Anyone ?
  2. I searched google here and there but all forums I came across with only deal with this problem by adding grounding to the outlet.

    Unfortunately I am currently in Indonesia doing some civil project for the republic and no offense to Indonesian out there but electricity wiring here is very scary. I am quite sure it is due to lack of grounding because back in the states this pc's case never have a current leakage.
  3. I solved my problem finally.. now i can get back to work
  4. Yes, you can run a 20 ga (my recommendation) wire to a metal rod drivien in to the ground. Or Run the wire to metal water pipe that goes in to the ground. Yes I would recommend doing this and no it should not damage your computer. Your neutral wire also runs to your chassie ground and should NOT have a signifiant voltage (Should not feel) on it.

    Not sure about Indonesia, but in US nuetral and earth ground are sometimes/often tied at the main Fuse box.
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