Will this graphics card work on my computer

I am interested in installing a EVGA GeForce 9500 GT GF 9500 GT - 512mb on my computer. my computer's specs are
Windows Vista Home Premium
core 2 duo 6300 @ 1.86 GHz
3.00 GB RAM
Will this graphics card work on my computer?
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  1. On the face of it yes it should but thats making quite a few assumptions.
    To be on the safe side if you can post a more complete set of system specs i would be glad to give a definate answer and maybe offer a sugestion as to an alternative card. The 9500 is a pretty low level card.
    Whats needed on top of what you have alread listed is.
    Motherboard, make and model, or just confirm that its a PCIE graphics card we are talking about.
    Power supply, Amps on the +12v rail is the info needed or make and model again and i can try and google the info.
    And lastly your monitor, size/res and what games you are intending to play.

  2. Motherboard- I can't find it out but my computer is a gateway with the model number of GM5416E
    Powersupply- 300 watt
    Monitor- TFT LCD monitor with a 1680 X 1050 resolution. Made by Gateway.
    PS: i am now looking at an eVGA 01G-N959-TR GeForce 9500 GT 1 GB video card.
    Please help me out as best you can- Dratus
  3. Actually I now believe my motherboard is an Intel 965
  4. Actually, I don't think that Power Supply will cut anything above a 9500 GT. If you want to go any higher, you'll need a better PSU.
    What year did you buy this PC, that might help.
  5. If you download and run cpu-z, it will tell you what your motherboard is. Primarily, as mactronix asked, does it have a pci-e slot, and agp slot, or none at all.

    Look at the label on the psu. It should say what the +12v amps are. Does it have a 6 pin pci-e connector? At 300w, I would doubt it.

    I would think that the best you can do is a vga card that is entirely powered by the pci-e slot like the 9500GT. There are some amd cards that would do it also.
  6. The 9500 should run fine on that particular PC if you don't plan on playing anything crazy.
  7. Get an HD 4670. It runs at a max 60w and doesn't need a power connector while also blowing the pants off a 9500gt.
  8. jennyh said:
    Get an HD 4670. It runs at a max 60w and doesn't need a power connector while also blowing the pants off a 9500gt.

    +1 for a 4670.. should also run on most PSU's no problem, or a 4650 might even be better than a 9500 gt.
  9. Thanks for the info.
    The 4670 was what i was thinking but needed to ask about your system first.
    The 4670 is by far your best option, it will run at your res quite well, here is a review of the 4830 which includes the 4670 inits benchmark charts

  10. I own a 4670 and am very happy with it. Highly recommend this card for your system.

    HIS 4760 512MB
    (same card I have)
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