OC Q6600 w/ Gigabyte EP45-UP3DLR MB

I have my sytem running at 3.6 Ghz with a temp 0f 34C 1600 FSB using a NZXT Panzer case and Tuniq 120 cooler.cant get it past 3,6 Ghz tho... I bought 2 more Panzer cases... they are discontinued... from England and Canada... Overclocker's dream!!!
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  1. What settings do you currently run for the 3.6 overclock? Please fill in the blanks below.

    CPU voltage:
    RAM Type/Speed/Timings:
    RAM voltage:
  2. 3.6 GHz from a Q6600 is better than average. You probably have reached the limits of the CPU. Have you stress tested it?

    jonpaul, his FSB freq is 400 MHz.
  3. lol jsc, i figured as much, haha! it was just habit typing that question and i have it saved to a template so i just copy/paste, hehe
  4. Ok... I tweaked around with this setup and actually got it to run but not stable at 4.0 Ghz... the real secret lies in the voltage... I was afraid to go too high so the most I was putting on it was 1.450 but when I ran it up to 1.500v it ran and is running stable at 3.6 Ghz. Using 9x multiplier at 400 Mhz. I really diddn't have to change anything else although my memory has gone up to 1600 Mhz with 1333 sticks...??? Oh and with the NZXT Panzerbox and the Tuniq 120 cooling tower my temps are steady at 34C!!!
  5. ^ 34c playing blackjack, lol
  6. Now you need to stress test with something like Prime95.

    Two reasons: to make sure the CPU core calculates properly and to drive the temperatures to the maximum. Those 34 C temps are clearly idle temps.
  7. Nope when it idles the temps go up to about 38C but under a load it stays cool... you ever seen a panzerbox with dual 200mm fans and a 120 out the back???? Aluminum screen case...I gotta wear socks around it LOL... it's the damn best case I've ever owned complete with a slideout MB tray.... so obviously you're not clear on your thinking...
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