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At night my wife complains my typing is too loud. Therefore I seek a new quiet keyboard. The Saitek PZ30AU looks pretty good, but I have never owned a Saitek. I've always gotten Logitech's.

Anyone a Saitek Keyboard or can recommend a good quiet keyboard? Backlighting is optional.

Saitek PZ30AU

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  1. I own an Iogear GKM531RA and a GKM541RA.
    I liked the 531 a lot lot but the range wasn't large enough for my HTPC so I bought the 541 that boasts 30ft range instead of 6. These keyboards are basically like laptop keys, on rare occasion something will get underneath a key and make them stick down. They are easy to pry a key off and put back on without really any threat of breaking the mechanism underneath. I like them - a lot. The mouse is really nice too but for some reason the side back and foward buttons seem to be reveresed. Also I've had an issue with one of the mice where if you left click it will *click* but the click will not go through until you press it just a little bit harder than you need to make it *click*. Taking a few screws out the mouse and cleaning up the inside resolved the issue and was again, not hard to do.

    Oh and coolest thing about the combo is that the charger for the mouse can plug into the charge station OR it can be plugged directly into the front of the mouse to charge while in use. Takes AA bats, never have to worry about bats.

    Laptop keyboards FTW.
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