Computer randomly crasches after installing a new network card... Help!

A few days ago my computer was running fine, but our internet connection was a bit slow, so we decided to get ourselves a new wireless connection. (dont know all the words in english) Anyhow, we then noticed that my network card was out of date and couldn't run with the new network connection, so we went to get a new network card as well. After installing the network card my computer started to randomly freeze/crasch, and became generally slower. My fps in games sunk, and it takes quite a while to start the computer now. Before the new network card it would start in like 15-20 seconds. Now it can take up to a minute just to get it running. And too often it crasches forcing me to reboot it by pressing the start button on the computer. It doesnt only happen when playing games, it also happens while accessing the internet, and sometimes just by being at the desktop... What is wrong? Have i accidently damadged something inside my computer while switching cards? That's the only thing i can think of, but i can't recall doing something like that, and when i look inside my computer everything seems about right ! HELP!
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  1. Presumably this is a PCI card. If so you might try moving it to a different slot on the motherboard.

    Additionally, I would access the motherboard BIOS screens (usually press the Del or Delete key as the computer first boots). If the BIOS allows this, I would disable devices that are not in use -- COM ports, Parallel Printer Port (if you have a USB printer) Game/Midi port.

    Save the settings in the BIOS, Windows should start. Close Down Windows, start again. You should find that Windows has reassigned resources and may have solved the problem.
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