What Video player is most used by users on Tomshardware.com?

I see also lots of people using Windows Media Player playing videos. I am using VLC, and never have used WMP or any other for videos.

I wonder, what is most used by Tomshardware.com users?

EDIT: Well, I put down option for the Other, and it erased all the votes :(

It sucks. But I had the page stil open in another tab.... So this is just before it happened.

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  1. Media Player Classic as found in K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.
  2. I like it too. Not as easy to set it right for some people, they kept calling me back a lot about sound issues(I guess the did't had anyone else ), so I recommended VLC since :)
  3. Actually, for online video I probably mostly use something embedded; I think it is Flash-based. For DVDs, probably mostly WMP.
  4. I use MPC, Powerdvd 10, VLC, GOM, and Windows Media Player. I switch between some depending on what I am watching but mostly I use Powerdvd because of the simulated 120hz you can give movies.
  5. Never heard of the "simulated 120hz". 1 new thing every day :)
  6. While on the Windows enviroment, Ive always used Real Player, as it has codecs to play almost everything. Ocasionally I need to open a file in VLC player. For DVDs, I have a Cyberlink solutuion that came with my BD-ROM drive

    On the Mac enviroment, Quicktime rules as it plays anything. On Linux, the default video player is also able to play anything, no need for anything else.
  7. I did't like Real Player, because of the amount of crap ware that installed with it without asking, that was more than few years ago.

    I wanted to include RP too, but max is 10 items, Sorry :)

    Quick time is a rule abuser, but good player. Had Pro version and Final Cut Pro, in 2001 and dual CPU G4. Those were good years.....
  8. Yeah powerdvd has an option where it provides 120hz movement in movies or videos, think of it like the 120hz or 240hz tvs where they can speed up the video to make it look better.

    TrueTheater® Motion
    Up-convert frame rate
    For DVDs, videos, Youtube videos

    The other really cool feature in powerdvd is that you can actually convert 2d movies to 3d movies on the fly if you have a 3d tv or monitor. It even has options for the red/blue glasses for oldschool monitors and tvs.
  9. Cool, how does it look in reality thou?
  10. nikorr said:
    Cool, how does it look in reality thou?

    Pretty decent in my opinion, ive used it with the Nvidia 3d vision kit and you can change the depth of the 3d and other aspects to make it more or less over the top.
  11. Where is the "Other" option?

    I use VLC, MPC HC or PowerDVD Ultra depending on what it is I am going to see.
  12. Well, I put down the option for Other, and it erased all the votes :(

    It sucks.
  13. For DVDs & Blu-ray Movies and for .VOBs
    PowerDVD 7 & 9 on desktops (came free with my two Blu-ray recorders)
    Have TotalMedia Theatre on my three laptops that have a Blu-ray player.

    My vote (other) is for Me, Have NO idea what is most poular with others.
  14. Was using Zoomplayer till it went commercial, no MPC for most video files, VLC for anything else and winamp for mp3s.
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