First build. May I get a little help please?

Could someone please help me decide if this would be a decent machine for gaming? I am working with a tight budget here, also I am fairly new to the scene.


Also, I have the ram already . 3 GB DDR2. Also have a 19" widescreen hd monitor. I was hoping to get something that enabled that SLI, but it looks like it may be out of my range, sadly.
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More about first build please
  1. that motherboard is not compatible with intel processors. You should go with this one if you plan to crossfire -

    You should also not buy that power supply...rosewill does not make quality PSUs. Consider this option -

    If he rig is for gaming, you might look into a better GPU. If that's the case, you may need a bigger power supply as well. I hope some of this helps.
  2. Gah! I am worse at this than I thought. Thank you for the suggestions, great help!

    I just hope I can stay within that price range.
  3. what is your budget exactly? And I assume you have an OS and things like a hard drive and optical drive?
  4. Yes sir. I have:

    19" widescreen LCD , which has a DVI connection in the back.

    160GB SATA II. Which has Windows XP and Ubuntu installed. I also have an extra 80 hdd.

    18x DVD±R/RW SuperMulti Labelflash drive
    Up to 8.5GB with dual-layer

    I can go about... $500? I will of course upgrade it, eventually.
  5. Motherboard - $114:

    CPU - $129:

    GPU - $144:

    Case - $60:

    PSU - $60:

    This is assuming you use the RAM you said you have. Total comes to $509 on my wishlist. The mobo GPU and PSU all have free shipping, and several of them have mail in rebates.

    The Motherboard leaves you room to upgrade to Xfire, but you'd also need to upgrade your PSU at that time.

    If you want to cut the price down a bit, Tom's used this case in their most recent midrange builder marathon and said they thought it was pretty decent.
  6. I've seen too many reviews that say the fan on that Sapphire 4850 (also used on their 4830) is really noisy.
    The AM2+ mobo bonanza guy linked is nice enough, but the CPU he listed is AM3. His case is higher quality than the Apevia, although cases are a real big personal preference item. When I want a cheap case, I get a $26-$30 Rosewill; I've used three or four different models, and all have been satisfactory. If you're going to OC, you might note the comments in the $625 SBM article, and get the additional front 120mm fan (or use the case from the $1250 SBM article).
  7. AM3 CPUs fit in to AM2+ sockets, and that tricore AM3 is going to destroy any equally priced Dual Core.

    The Sapphire was picked arbitrarily and there were several other versions that were a few dollars cheaper if you want to look in to them.
  8. In regards to your consideration of SLI/crossfire:
    SLI/crossfire has been a poor upgrade path in the past. It should be used only by
    those who will not currently be satisfied by the fastest available single vga card
    which is currently the GTX295. The 4870, or GTX260-216
    offer very good performance for the money now.
    To get SLI. you have to spend more up front for a SLI capable mobo,a
    more powerful SLI capable PSU, and better case cooling. Upgrading a single card later with a
    second equal card does not get you 2x increase, it is more like 1.3x to 1.8x depending on the game.
    At that time, you will still be paying top dollar for a card that is closer to
    being obsolete.
    It would be better to sell the old card and use the proceeds
    towards a better new generation single card.

    Your build is currently reasonable. You can save a few $ by using the Gigabyte ep45-sd3l at $85:

    I like vga cards with dual slot cooling. The hot air is expelled directly out the back of the case instead of recirculating and heating up both the cpu and the vga card.
    A similar performing card to the 3850 would be the EVGA 9600GSO with dual slot cooling for 79.99.

    With any savings, or extra budget, spend it on a better vga card for the best gaming performance.
    The 9800GTX+ at $135 would be a considerable improvement:

    ---good luck---
  9. Oh lawd , I'm just confused. I ought to just pay someone to build one for me, and spare me the headache. I KNOW, a little research goes a LONG way, but... I've been so busy with work, the added annoyance is just, well, annoying. I'm pretty sure one of the guys who offered to build me one, was going to take me for a ride. He asked how much I knew, I told him... then he offered me a card that was only one generation above mine, for much more than it's worth. It's more difficult to find an honest person, than to find everything I need (that is compatible).

    I'll have to , when I get a chance, take a look at what you guys listed for me.
    Thank you for your patience. Good to be at a site in which the people don't down-talk you, simply because you know less, or nothing at all. =)
  10. My "wish list". -crosses fingers-

    How does that look?

    Someone tell me I'm not a moron. lol. If everything works, this is my final.

    I just noticed something, the ram I now have is ddr2. Hm, looks like I'll have to replace the gpu?? I don't really feel like blowing another $150+ (yet).

    I think I have decided on a system. Not super-fast, but it's better than anything I have yet to own. Too bad I went and blew $427 on the pc I am now using, could have spent a few more and bought the pc I think I may get. Well, the one I wish to get doesn't come with a 19" hd monitor as I now use. So, I'll just use this monitor and try to sell the pc alone.
  12. Your wishlist in the last build seemed fine except for the power supply.

    Your DDR2 will work fine on that motherboard, and if you're talking about the DDR3 on the GPU that is the memory on the card and has nothing to do with the DDR2 you already have.

    As for the other PC you just linked, It has a quadcore, but it's a lower clock speed than the triple core, and you would probably see better performance from the 720 X3 in gaming.
    The video card is weak. Like... really weak. Add to that that I'm not seeing where it lists the brand of memory or hard drive and I really can't advise you to get that.

    If the DDR2 and hard drive that you already have work, I would change the power supply on your wishlist and get that, as it will blow away that PC you linked in the last post.

    If you need suggestions I would go with something like this

    Only $10 more than the one you picked out, better quality and comes w/ a $10 MIR putting it at the same price.
  13. So change the psu, and it would be a better system?

    Yes, I am using the ddr2 and hdd in the pc I am now using.

    AHH!! WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT? lol. I wasn't sure how good the graphics card in my wish list was, as compared to the one that comes installed in the iBuypower.

    Thank you for the advice. Much appreciated.

    update* I may have changed some stuff after you looked at the wish list...

    it would appear the mobo is out of stock. :(
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