AMD PII X4 955, or Intel Q9550?

I am hopefully going to build a new computer here pretty soon. The machine will be used for all of my school work, a lot of web browsing, LITTLE audo/video rendering, and gaming is probably the most important on there.

I do plan on oc'ing at least some, so which of these is easier to oc?

What do you guys think? AMD or Intel? The two builds i have on Newegg come out to be the same price so price isn't a deciding factor.
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  1. Yes the i7 is only $20 more, but the mobo and memory are also a bit more expensive. I ask because someone suggested that particular intel quad core over the amd PII X4 955 build that i had posted. I was just curious on which one performed better.
  2. oh ok. I'm not inclined to overclock to 4 GHz or anything. If i could get the 955 to 3.6 i would be happy.
  3. I'd go with the 955 then.
  4. thanks for your input.
  5. I think so as well.
  6. that's what i will do then. thanks guys.
  7. I'd check out THIS article first, before making any final decision..
  8. There is an article here on Tom's that slightly contradicts that i think. One of the statements made in the article you linked though, was that you would only notice the performance difference in games when you owned a really expensive gpu setup (sli/cf).

    I know that the article on Tom's stated that for gaming, the processors perform about the same. When the graphical settings were cranked up, there was minimal difference.
  9. So one thing i didn't know was that the Q9550 could use ddr3 memory...

    When i make a build for both the Q9550 and PII X4 955 they come out to be the same price.

    This makes me think that maybe the Q9550 might not be a bad idea after all.

    Anyone else with a good opinion/advice?
  10. An AM3 system will be upgradable longer and have similar performance and a slightly lower price. AMD chipsets rock for cheap, Intel DDR3 chipsets are expensive. Anyways, once you equip either of them with DDR3 you're starting to get into i7 price ranges.
  11. touchdowntexas13 said:
    So one thing i didn't know was that the Q9550 could use ddr3 memory...

    When i make a build for both the Q9550 and PII X4 955 they come out to be the same price.

    This makes me think that maybe the Q9550 might not be a bad idea after all.

    Anyone else with a good opinion/advice?

    The Q9550 can't really fully use DDR3 though. The front side bus architecture limits the gains from faster memory on the older Core 2 series CPUs. The i7 and Phenom II can better use the bandwidth of DDR3, so they are the only systems I would consider DDR3 to be worthwhile on.
  12. alright well then i think i am gonna stick with am3 at this point. Thanks for all of ya'lls advice. This should be fun :)
  13. 775 isn't technically a "dead socket" since it will still be supported until 2011. By that time, the 1366 and i7s would be old and outdated as well.
  14. From what i have been reading, it won't be "dead", but there won't be anything new coming out for it. There will just be lower prices on the processors that run on that socket. I could be mistaken, but that's what i have been reading.
  15. Be surprised if you see any new CPUs for it.
  16. ^ well there might be some Q9770's floating around on ebay for $100 or something by 2011 but otherwise it's gonna be the fastest cpu you would be able to find.
  17. cjl said:
    I'd go with the 955 then.

    I also agree.
  18. Anandtech: Phenom II X3 720BE & CrossFire X Performance

    PhII 720BE combo deals ---->>

    Your choice as to DDR2 or DDR3. For you needs won't really matter. The Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P combo gets my vote for $219 - or maybe the Asus 790FX if that's yer thang.

    Pump the extra bucks into your vid card(s)
  19. everyone says 955. I do to but i think its so strange to see all the AMD support. Honestly they need it. Its just nice having something new and different to advise ppl to get. And the Phenom 2 is a great cpu to advise on. I just got so tired of all these intel builds I done for like the last 3 yrs, The 955 will be everything you need plus its fun with the unlocked multiplier. Just a different age, I hope things stay with a little more options. I mean you cant just say one over the other anymore, there is a real option again. Its pleasing to see this.
  20. I still haven't forgiven AMD for pulling the 939 series because I'm a gnarly old bastard. :lol:
  21. you could get a Core I7 920 @ Micro Center for $200.00.
  22. Mousemonkey said:
    I still haven't forgiven AMD for pulling the 939 series because I'm a gnarly old bastard. :lol:

    Yeah, dissapointed me a bit too that the upper limit of skt939 was a 4800x2 (if I remember right)... even more dissappointing was the relatively quick phase out time of even these chips.

    I upgraded my K8 to a 4600x2 a couple of years back - I had to bring it forward as they were getting increasingly hard to find and prices were starting to climb. Does the job nicely.

    I do have another machine based on the legendary Q6600 though. :)
  23. 955..... +1
  24. For all of the people suggesting the 955...

    Do you guys find that you wish you had SLI support on your mobos?

    I didn't know that SLI wasn't supported with AM3, and that is kind of disappointing to me. I'm not necessarily the kind of person that wants to put multiple GPU's in a system, but with the release of the new 4770's sometimes the best deal is to CF/SLI two weaker components. I just don't want to not have that option if Nvidia came out with a gpu with similar value as the new 4770 down the road.

    One good thing is that I am pretty sure i will never want more than two GPU's (at least not for a long while) so since they are coming out with these dual-GPU cards I could get away with buying one of those cards and not worrying about SLI support on the mobo.

    I'm not saying that I only want Nvidia products, but i do want the option of getting the best value/performance parts when they come out, and if that happens to be two Nvidia cards in SLI...

    Anybody worried or disappointed about that factor in their systems?
  25. I can't even find an i7 920 on Micro Center's site...
  26. Everyone waves around the $200 Micro Center i7 as if everyone lives near a Micro Center. Heck, I live in a large city (Charlotte), and I'd never even HEARD of Micro Center before I started visiting Tom's / Anand / Hard regularly.
  27. well there is a microcenter about 45 minutes from where i live. I'm not sure if that's worth the 80 bucks saved when you factor in time and gas cost...
  28. @touchdown...

    Since hd4770 is already out... I dunno why you brought up the option of the possibility of an equivalent NVidia gpu. It may never happened. Even if it does, a 955 or i7 could probably get old by then.

    Just get the 955 and a 4770 right NOW and be happy with it. Get them and enjoy... no need to come back here to read more reviews of newer product. It wont make your joy last long. lol
  29. ^^^What he said
  30. @Ken

    I don't really understand what you are saying. Yes i would be getting the 4770's NOW, but later down the road NVIDIA might have the better value.

    I want the option of both SLI and Crossfire.

    Does that make any sense or am i just crazy?
  31. He is saying that you shouldn't worry so much about what might be. Get the 4770 now and enjoy them. They will be more than good enough.
  32. @touchdown...

    I used AMD64 3000+ (socket 939) for 6 years. I had been in the market for Core2Duo Q6600... and then I heard of 45nm processor (supposed to be cooler and higher clock, more overcloking ability etc), so i waited. Before I picked any of those... rumour or Nehalem was out.. so i waited again.

    Read the review at launch... it was amazing. But then you hear about the awesomeness of Phenom 2... since I already waited for like 2 years... thought I should wait for another month to see what AMD have with their latest cpu.
    It endless... in the end I bought an AMD Phenom 2 940BE and just bought the Ati hd4770 few weeks ago. I am very happy with my choice. I didnt have to wait for AM3 processor and I bought the gpu the instant it is available in my area.

    I hope you see where I'm coming from. If you want to have the option... i wish you goodluck in waiting OR just take what available TODAY.

  33. why does everyone think i am waiting for something???

    i am not waiting on anything, i am simply saying when i UPGRADE (upgrading is when you buy new parts for a system you have already built) i would like to have the option to crossfire/sli. WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT THAT?

    In other words, i will build a system NOW that has the ability to utilize both crossfire and sli for when i need to UPGRADE in the FUTURE. I don't think i can make myself any clearer. I'm starting to think people are just getting on here reading the last post and somehow get this idea that i am waiting for something better to come out???

    sorry, i know better than that. thanks anyways guys. i know you were just trying to help. sorry if i was being rude, but i was starting to get a little frustrated.
  34. sounds like you want i7 then.
  35. I just wanted someone to tell me their experience on whether or not they felt they were missing out on SLI by going with the AMD processor/mobo...

    but yes i will probably go i7 unless someone can convince me otherwise.
  36. if you want both x-fire and sli, and have the budget then there is no convincing necessary
  37. do all x58 boards support cf and sli?
  38. No. They all support CF, but SLI support is more limited.
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