Blue screen, lock-up, squealing.

I woke up to the deathly blue screen the other day. I rebooted as it said and it was fine for the day. Next morning it was the same and took a couple of reboots to get into windows. Now, I cant even get past the post. Sometimes I get a black screen, sometimes it starts to boot but never gets to windows and freezes. It would boot from a cd or hard drive on the few occasions it made it far enough to but then freezes up before I can do anything. I started breaking down the system. At one point I had the video card, ram, cpu, and MB hooked up and suddenly got a high pitched sqeal from the cpu area...thinking it was the fan I took it off and tried again...high pitched squeal. Took out the cpu, and got the same squeal from the MB around were the cpu would go. the squeal was a constant sound, until after one boot it just kind off died out and everything including the fans went off. I tried with a different power supply and get the same thing. Now that the squeal is gone, the fans come on, but I get nothing but a black screen...Am i correct at thinkin im lookin at a new MB?

system is a asus p5n32-e sli 680i, q6600, evga 8800gts, 4gb corsair ddr2 ram, anatec case w/ zalman cpu fan (cooling shouldnt be an issue and it wasnt overclocked).
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  1. Well, it sounds like a bad mobo, although I haven't experienced a squeal like that before. If you have eliminated all the other components, I would rma the mobo.

    Have you tried with the video card and without? Could be a video card/ fan failure.
    I know you wouldn't see anything, but you may be able to isolate the squealing.
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