System keeps freezing, even in the bios

Hi all, situation as followed

Specs as followed.
AMD Athlon X2 7850 BE 2.8 GHz
Thermaltake Orb X5 CPU Cooler
Asus M4A79 Deluxe
Geil 2*1 GB DDR2 Black Dragon 800MHz 4-4-4-4-12
HIS 4850 ICEQ4 Turbo 512 MB
WD Blue 320 Gb Sata
Centurion 5 Case
Raidmax Aurora 600 Watt Power Supply.
Asus DVR16x

Day 1. Installed Windows, no problems at all, Installed all drivers, everything fine, just some issues with front audio and webcam comes up green, indicating some kind of USB issue. Could not figure out what was wrong though, as the cam works on my old pc.

Day 2. Booting issues, DVD drive makes 2 weird sounds when powering up de computer, nothing else happens, not even the beep of the bios.
Removed the DVD drive, issue solved, computer starts, I presume the DVD drive was faulty.

Day 3. Installed Crysis and played for a short while on Med specs, no problems found.

Day 4. Switched specs to High and played for around 3 hours. System suddenly freezes, cannot restart. Too late to do anything about it, I switch of power and completely plug out the computer. Note, temp of the CPU was only at 40c.

Day 5. Reset cmos and restart the pc, no problems found for the first hour.
System freezes when idle in Windows. Have to clear CMOS to start the computer.

Restart, system freezes at startup of windows.
I presume there is some overheating problem so I let the computer cool. (weird as bios and probe II only give of 40c

Day 6. Start the pc again, windows start, pc probe II shows a temperature of 40-45c.
Which is quite normal with a room temperature of over 30c (Thailand)
System freezes again.
Too late to do anything, switch off power.

Day 7. Clear CMOS Restart pc.
System does not start at all. Not even a bios beep.
Clear CMOS again and remove battery. Re-enter the battery after 20 minutes.
System starts up but freezes after 2 minutes in the BIOS.
In my opinion ruling out the overheating problem as it freezes within the bios

I dont know what to do now,
1. I dont think it is overheating as it freezes after 2 minutes when monitoring programs show only 40c.
2. Dont think the power supply is insufficient as it worked at first, playing Crysis for 3 hours.
3. Faulty Ram? Then why would it first work fine. Do I need to set the ram voltage to 2v manually or does the mainboard select it automatically?
4. Faulty VGA card?? might be the problem? but again why would it work at first?

I am really out of ideas.
Hope you guys can help me.

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  1. TL;DR

    First I would take your RAM to a friend's computer and run memtest on it (which you can get here )

    If that's ok, then next you should make sure your board's properly installed with all the little spacers and washers that keep it from making contact with the case.

    Lastly I would take a closer look at the GPU. Do you know what temp it's idling at? You might try booting with some cheap bargain rack card and seeing if it does the same thing.
  2. I would suspect your RAM first. Up the voltage and run memtest.
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