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Raid 0 Setup with Dell CERC 2610SA (Adaptec)


This is my RAID controller card: Dell CERC SATA 1.5/6ch, BIOS v4.1.0 Build 7403. I am trying to setup raid 0 and install OS Win 7 64 bit on it.

I used all the [raid controller] drivers downloaded from DELL during OS setup but when it installed the driver it said something like "....need to install 32 bit.... or 64 bit digitally signed......" But it would still shows my raid drive. I clicked next to proceed with installation and when the system reboots, it got a BSOD and starts re-rebooting.

I tried this on a few different drivers with no success. I don't think the drivers work with Win 7 64 bit.

Does anyknow have a workaround, or a driver that would work?

Thank you in advance!!!
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  1. Voodoo - did you find a solution to this? I am in exact same situation.
  2. There are no working drivers anywhere on the internet for this particular RAID controller for Windows 7.

    Or at least there wasn't until I messed with them. I'm a little stubborn so I spent a some time tweaking the files, and after many crashes and a few OS re-installs, I came out with something that works.

    Download Dell CERC 2610SA Adaptec drivers for 64-bit Windows 7 here

    If you are like me and just cannot let old parts go to waste and refuse to conform with the rest of this pre-programmed internet society, then enjoy. I realize this thread is old, but the fact that I came across it today looking for the same solution warranted it being re-opened.

    - Extract the files to any folder
    - Go to device manager (Start button -> Search box -> "Device Manager")
    - Find your RAID controller on the Device List under "Storage Controllers".
    - Right click it and update drivers. Do not update automatically. Instead browse to the folder.
    - If you experience any errors during installation, choose "Install anyway".

    I suggest you create a system image on a separate HDD, or at least back up your files. I see no reason these drivers will cause problems, but still, let it be known I am not responsible for you breaking your PC. Whatever you do, do NOT attempt to install a driver for a different OS, as it may cause your PC to become unbootable without a chance of a repair recovery. The files linked here are modified and were originally meant for 64-bit Windows XP. So far I have experienced zero errors/crashes and have tested in all RAID configurations, each working on all accounts.
  3. Thanks for working on this Rob.

    When I run the driver update, I'm getting "A service installation section in this INF is invalid" on a Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit system.

    Any help you might be able to provide would be welcomed and appreciated.
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    After a little more digging, I came across Dell drivers 32/4 bit drivers that Windows 7 worked with. Below is from a comment thread at
  5. I've been asked to select a "Best Answer" for my question, but I did not use this controller (and trashed it) when I couldn't find a solution. So I will just pick the most current answer as the best answer.

    Thanks to those who replied!
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