4870x2 low fps?

i just got a new 4870x2 & im having low fps.I got the latest drivers & if i turn down the resolution i get even lower fps.what i think is bottlenecking & need biger monitor, here ere my specs Q6600 2.4,xfx 4870x2,6 gig ddr2 800 ram,soundblaster exg,640 gig hard drive,vista x64,19" monitor,and the mobo i dont now wat it is,all i now is uatx & intel g33 chipset. please help.
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  1. and 750watt psu
  2. You need a minimum of 650 watt Power Supply.
    Make sure you have adequate power otherwise the 2nd GPU wont be operating, and thus the lower performance.
  3. Need to know the resolution you play at. 4870's are made for 1650 and up, X2 is almost identicle to two 4870s in crossfire, which the recommended resolution to actually use the card like it should be used, and not bottle-neck it, is 1920 and up, keep in mind that at lower resolutions you also create a bottle-neck for you processor. A lot of people crossfire 4870s, or get a 4870x2, and run them at high resolutions, and still don't get the FPS they expect, this is due to them not having a processor powerful enough to actually PUSH the 4870X2\4870 Crossfire. I don't believe your processor is powerful enough to fully use a Radeon 4870X2, as it alone will bottleneck it.
  4. Playing at 19 inches with a non OC Q6600 is not going to give you the FPS you'd expect. You could move up to a 24 inch monitor and probably keep the same FPS you have right now or drop down to a lesser gfx card and keep the 19 inch monitor. Personally I suggest a 24 inch monitor or larger in the near future.
  5. so i either need big monitor or better chip.Maybe both?
    what cpu speed need 2 run 4870x2 at 1650x or biger resolution?
  6. With a X2 you honestly want atleast 1920x1200, there is NO point for a Radeon 4870X2 @ 1650x1200 as a SINGLE 4870 will destroy almost anything at that setting.
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