Cant decide on CPU

Basically i want the best CPU i cant get for my money.
I have about £150 to spend on one. Can push it a bit if need be.

Ive been looking at the E8400 for a while but at the moment i feel i might be able to get more for my money if i went Quad Core.

Im going to be using a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3P and i wont be doing much gaming at all just Sims 3 really.
Will be mainly using the PC for General internet usage, Photoshop editing and media Serving/Streaming with a bit of Sims on the side.
I dont really want to upgrade the CPU for a good 2 years either if i can avoid it. So i want something quite futureproof.

What do you guys think my best option would be?

All help appreciated!
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  1. With £150, you're looking at a Q8400. Which should meet your needs. A Q8400 will last you over 2 years.

    However if you can add money, try to go for the Q9550.
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