Amd x4 b50 overclocking

hello to all,this is my first post ----
my cpu is amd x2 550 unlocked to x4 b50 @3.4 ghz stable at stock voltages......
My ram is gskill value ram 9-9-9-24-2t @ 1333 mhz
my question is that when i try to overclock my cpu northbridge to 2400 it does not boot .....and when at 2200mhz it gives me error(blue screens) in playing games.
My motherboard is msi 785g-e53 shares the same bios as of msi 785g-e65 and has a lot of overvoltage options and iven tried my northbridge at 1.4875 volts its no use ....ive also tried it with dual core then also it does not boot or get stable past 2000mhz which is stock is this the cpu problem should i send it for rma .....
My system config is.
Amd x4 b50 @ 3.4 ghz nb @ stock 2000
4gb gskill ddr3 ram @ 1333
sapphire hd5850 @ stock
msi 785g-e53 @latest bios(3.6)
glacial tech 550 watt psu
160gb veloci raptor sata
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    Why are you trying to overclock the north bridge. It doesn't overclock well and it is best that you leave it alone.
  2. but other people do average about 2400mhz thats what i wanna achieve.....
    I am gonna get a new cpu cooler thermalright 120 extreme..and then try the overclocking again....

    I think it may be the mainboard issue .....i ll check the processor on another board before the conclusions ....!!! Thanks
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