Trying to get a USB/IDE DVD drive working

Hi all,

I have an older machine (circa 2002) running Windows XP SP2. I have a USB/IDE cable and a DVD-ROM IDE drive that I am trying to get to work. I don't have any space in the case to install it normally, hence why I am going USB.

I hook up the power and IDE plug and Windows detects it fine. I can see it fine as a DVD/CD-W drive in My Computer. However, when I put in a DVD into the drive, it shows up as blank in Windows Explorer. I know the DVD is fine as when I put it in a real DVD drive on another machine, it works.

Is there any way to make this work?

Thanks for any help. :)
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  1. Have you tried connecting the power and inserting the DVD, waiting for a few seconds and then insert the USB plug?
  2. The DVD is good, but do you know the DVD drive is working?
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