Which processor is a good match for a 260 GTX(Intel LGA 775)

Hey everyone. im looking for a good match with a 260 GTX im getting

I was thinking about the E8400...its got a nice FSB and a nice clock (3.0 GHz)

im not an overclocker...at best im a novice overclocker...im just too scared that i will screw up my hardware

any thought are welcome and appreciated
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  1. E8400 would be ideal for GTX260. E7500 2.9ghz would work too, if you're on a tighter budget.
  2. e8400 is an excellent match as I have that combo myself. You don't have to get crazy with the overclock. 8 multi times 400 bus for 3.2 GHz is easily handled by the stock Intel HSF. Just be sure to disable your CPU fan profile in the BIOS so that your fan runs fast all the time instead of 'silent mode."
  3. The E8400 is great, even for a novice overclocked. You can just go into the BIOS and set the FSB to 400 and the FSB:DRAM ratio to 1:1 for a 3.6GHz processor. No need for voltage changing or anything, it'll be rock-stable, too.
  4. The E8400 is a good choice and match for a GTX260, altho zipzoomfly's suggestion is good too.
  5. price isnt really a problem...like i said im only good at slight over clocks...i.e a 2.2 GHz to 2.54

    thanks for the backup on the 206 GTX,E8400 matchup

    thoughts still welcome
  6. Quote:
    E8400 is quite expensive for a dual core. Not really worth it unless your an extreme overclocker.
    Id get a cheaper E7400 and overclock it to at least 3.5 which is very easy.

    You dont have to change voltages or any thing???

    to zipzoomflyhigl
  7. i tried 278 with a 11 multiplier and boots up for about 10 secs...then BSOD's and reboots

    ne suggestions??
  8. If you're on a budget, get a E5200. If you have an extra $100, go for the E8400.
  9. Quote:
    You tried it with what? Did you go buy a cpu? Are we supposed to be psychic here? Did you read the C2D overclocking guide? What memory do you have? What voltages is your memory supposed to be? What speed are you running your memory??

    IM SRY lol i thought this was the overclocking thread...sry no this is still my pentium dual E2200
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