OCZ vandetta2 vs CM hyper 212

OCZ vandetta 2 vs CM hyper 212
what will cool core2 quads better they are the same price 29 bucks cad a few blocks from my house
Currently using a ACFP7rev2 for my e5300 @ 4ghz but I am to understand this wont cut it for a heavy quad overclock

I currently have a Q6600 G0 stepping I will change to as soon as fall gets here.
(cooler temps better clocks it has been an insanely hot summer)

I will certainly be picking up a Q9550 or Q9650 when I can find a deal on one around or after XMAS (a present to myself)
I will sell my e5300 and the Q6600 to recoup the costs.

Please no advice on upgrading to a new platform. just input on which cooler is better and why.

I have a nzxt GAMA so there is plenty of room.
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  1. Both are great coolers i have a 212+ my only dislike is the supplied fan(too loud).
    The cooler master slighty edges it out on some test i've read.
    They both have very good reputations.
  2. Well I like the Hyper 212+ more personally, the fan is a bit loud. But both are good. I actually have heard the opposite. I heard the Vendetta edges out the Hyper 212+.


    This is a good visual as you can see the Hyper 212+ is beaten out by the Vendetta 2 by 4*C on load temps. This is a good review for you because of the fact that the CPU they used was of the 775 socket, plus it was an QX series so, even better since I'd assume the Q9650 would be really close to the results with the QX9770. If not cooler.

    EDIT: Remember to watch out for the clearance between your heatsink and case side panel, I hear from a lot of reviews is that it barely clears. But I hear that the Hyper 212+ easily clears any mid tower.
  3. I only find the 212+ loudish at full RPM, which it rarely is for me (since it is such a good cooler).

    Both are great though, so I'd say flip a coin or go with whichever looks better to you.
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