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I just want anyone out there who is considering building a system to stay away from NZXT cases. My build has been a nightmare from day 1. I've gone through 2 MOBOs and almost $1000 trying to build a system using there "Apollo" case. I've taken componets out of my store bought system, put them in the NZXT case and they didn't work, then transfered them back to the originally case.....and they didn't work. All I can think is something in the case is messing up the motherboard when the wires are attached....I know it sounds weird, but I've even taken it to a computer repair shop, and they told me the MOBO is bad, and all I did was transfer everything to the Nzxt case! :fou:
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  1. You probably bent it during the transfer which would have killed it.
  2. Hmmmm didn't look bent. I took the mobo and the old case(the one that worked) to a computer repair shop. He didn't say it was bent, just bad mobo, and this was the board that came with the store bought HP system from Best Buy. I even bought a XFX mobo, and it would not work in the is just a weird thing.

    Has anyone ever had a problem with a case that is could damage a mobo? This tower had alot of connections for is just friggin weird! :pfff:
  3. I guess you would have to physically breake it for it to stay bent, but even if you bend it a bit you can break a circuit which will most likely kill it. Theres also static electricity
  4. You may have also shorted something out. Blaming the case doesn't make any sense. I'd be willing to bet good money on user error. A lot of people use NZXT cases every day with no problems.
  5. Could be right, might not be case, but i've given up trying to build a system. Unless yea have the equipement to test psu, mobo etc etc it is too friggin aggravating, and I go crazy not having a working computer....I have to use my computer at Next time i'll just take everything to a computer shop and tell them to switch ends my unhappy experience in building a sweet system. :(
  6. Did you remember to use standoffs? This sounds like you kept shorting something on the motherboard.

    Could also be a bad case switch.

    I highly dought the case is causing the issues you're having.

    Might want to do some googling and watch some youtube vidoes on others building pc's. It might help you track down a step that you might be forgetting.
  7. This checklist is also a good place to start in troubleshooting.

    You may want to go through the checklist just to be sure that the computer shop was right about your motherboard being dead. I have a hard time believing you went through two motherboards. Maybe it was shorting out and the shop just assumed it was dead.
  8. Ya i agree with short, I'd come here and ask the people at TH about hardware issues before taking it to a repair store. The people at TH get way more volume of problems than most repair stores. Plus you have probally 10 good eyes who want to help you looking into your problem than just one guy who hates his job and can't wait to get home.

    If you want us to try helping you, List your specs. We'll start there
  9. I'l tell exactly what I did. After my XFX $200 mobo did not work in the NZXT case, I sent it back so i would not lose the money. I went and bought a HP AMD Phenom X4 9850 system at BestBuy. I transfered everything from the HP case into the NZXT, except the crappy 350w psu, I put in a Rosewill 600w into the NZXT case. I flipped on the power to the case from the back, all the lights in the case came on(which should not have happened until I hit the front power button...weird). The fan on the cpu spinned for about 5 seconds and then stopped, i plugged in a case fan into the cpu fan power pin and it spun for 5 seconds and went off. I tried fixing it 3-4 times, same results as above.

    (FYI The HP computer was working before transfer, i was using it for like 2 days)

    I transferred eveything back to the originally HP case, turned it on from the back, all the power came on(which again should not happen either until i hit the front power button...again weird), all the fans, including the cpu fan spun correctly and stayed on, but nothing appeared on the monitor....brought it too computer shop

    Thought maybe I burned out cpu since fan in NZXT would not run, and i kept trying like 3-4 times.....Computer shop said, bad mobo.

    How the hell does a mobo go bad after transfering to another case. :( I didn't bend the mobo, i placed it in slowly. The back of the mobo was not touching the case, all the connections where in....just weird things
  10. In your NZXT case did you install the standoffs? If your not sure what they are google them. Sounds like you were shorting your motherboards.
  11. If I am correct in reading the "stand-offs" are the male/female risers that attach to the mobo/case to keep the motherboard from touching the case. There are 7 of these for the this particular mobo, all where attached to the mobo. I double checked each one to make sure none where loose.
  12. Were there any extra standoffs installed that didn't line up with a hole in the motherboard?
  13. Hmmmm, actually the stand-offs that I used where not from the HP mobo, the HP case didn't use standoffs, there where actually rises in the HP case instead of standoffs. I believe the stand-offs came with the NZXT case.

    Here is a question, if a hole in the mobo that had a stand-off in it, and was moved to another case, but no stand-off was placed in that hole, could that short out a mobo?
  14. You just need to make sure every standoff installed on the case lines up with a hole on the motherboard. If there's an extra standoff installed under the motherboard that isn't lined up with a hole it can cause a short. Did you go through the checklist linked above? It goes through a lot of the common mistakes.
  15. *runs to the defense of NZXT*

    I currently own 2 NZXT cases and I for one have never had a problem. I have a NZXT Guardian that I bought a few years ago which is still chugging and a NZXT Tempest which I bought last year is doing great too. Both are made of high quality materials, have good airflow, and awesome designs. I highly recommend them.

    And they do include standoffs.
  16. reddragon0000 said:

    Here is a question, if a hole in the mobo that had a stand-off in it, and was moved to another case, but no stand-off was placed in that hole, could that short out a mobo?

    I doubt it.

    I would think having 4 standoffs, one in each corner would be sufficient to avoid a short circuit... Of course you wouldn’t want to do that as the board would have no support.

    In my opinion if you have all the standoffs in place except one, you’ll b fine. It’s not ideal, but you’ll b fine.

    When you hooked up the new power supply are you certain everything was attached the same way? Do you see any burn marks around the power connector on the MB?
  17. I didn't notice any burn marks, i looked at every connection on the board, they all seemed ok. Every stand-off was in the correct place, there where no stand-offs under the board that did not have a hole.

    I can't figure why when I switched on the power supply in the back, all the lights came on in the case.....i keep pondering that. The lights should not come on till I hit the power button in the front.....weird. No one has had that happen to them? I am going to try again soon.

    I am going to try one more time with another tower (rosewill), mobo and the phenom II 3.0 ghz cpu and give it one more shot.....I want me a sweet system, and not a store bought one!!!! :fou:
  18. It also could be your Rosewill 600w psu. This would be considered a low grade psu and this could be causing your compenets to blow up. Might be worth seeing if you can get the rig to boot up with the bare minimals from your old hp psu.
  19. ok, here is a question will a rosewill 600w psu run this graphics card I have installed? or are rosewill psu's crappy?

    This is the rosewill that I am using
  20. Well after surfing reviews here at Toms concerning rosewill psu, and the general consensus is they suck, I'm going to go out and get me a Antec EarthWatts 500-Watt psu, reviewers feel Antec makes a good power supply. I don't know what the amps@12v rail is, cannot find specs on it, but should be on the box when I pick it up ;)
  21. I dont know if you ever got an answer but I had the same problems with mine until i took out the graphics card I had then everything worked just fine come to find out that it was the card that was burt out
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